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Movable Storage Racks To Improve Your Business’ Flow

How Can Movable Storage Racks Improve Your Business’ Flow?

Reclaiming your warehouse or business floor space can seem like a daunting task. Adding additional shelving and racks may not be an option when valuable floor space is running low. While modular storage systems add a creative use of storage components, consider the effect of what adding more storage will do to your business and operations flow. With more storage racks comes a decrease in floor space – and a limiting of employee movement and traffic patterns.

Optimizing Business Flow

Whether it is your business’ backroom operations that facilitate the day-to-day employee and customer processes or a warehousing and fulfillment area, the key to optimizing the flow of consumer products or in-house documentation may require a new perspective to discover ways to better manage spaces. Movable storage racks and filing systems are changing the dynamics of office and production space design with modular and mobile shelving, storage, and lockers.

According to the US Dept of Commerce, many office-related injuries occur due to ineffective office layouts and office furniture that imposes on the worker’s free movement. Blocked traffic paths, excessive reaching, and the use of step ladders to access equipment are all leading sources of workplace injury in the office.

It has been proven that streamlined office flows will increase the efficiency of workers and decrease frustration and stress. The first step in regaining inefficient office layouts due to an overburden of storage involves taking an assessment of your present business’ flow and operations. Once the results are analyzed, most business owners find points of stagnation – or areas that are fixed and stable which actually block the efficient flow of employees or work processes.

The Benefits of Movable File Storage

Movable file storage systems allow your business to recapture valuable floor space. The end result is more file storage capacity, in less space. As your business needs grow, your storage capacity grows with it. Instead of expanding your office space, movable files allow flexible configurations and the ability to regain space when needed, and are especially useful in the following areas:

  • mailroom storage
  • document storage vaults
  • business archives
  • library solutions
  • medical records

Mobile storage solutions solve the challenges of increased file storage needs by mounting each shelf on a mobile carriage and rail. When access to a shelf is needed, that aisle can be opened and those files accessed. Static shelving uses permanent aisles, which waste floor space. By installing file storage shelves, drawers, and cabinets that move back and forth, you regain the wasted space that permanent shelving uses.

The Efficiency of Modular Storage Racks

Movable storage racks that provide business office storage solutions are perfect for open office floorplans. High-density mobile shelving offers strength and flexibility offering double the storage space and a smaller footprint. For smaller spaces with large document storage needs, a rotary storage system offers complete access to hidden files with ease. Your business storage is taken to the next level with space-saving, modular storage systems.

Modular storage racks allow business owners to use modular and mobile office storage technology to get the most benefit out of every cubic inch of floor space. By optimizing your shelving and racks with movable versions, it is possible to gain over 50% additional storage area. Taking advantage of vertical space is the possible with modular units that stack – changing unused space, into business storage solutions.

Contact us to discover how our comprehensive line of modular and mobile office storage and shelving solutions can efficiently transform your office space. For warehousing or hostile environments, consider heavy duty industrial shelving solutions that facilitate pallet racking and forklifts. Combined with an automatic storage and retrieval system, for automated warehousing processes.

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