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Covid Relief Funds Available for Storage Solutions in School & Workplace

Did you know, the American Rescue Plan allows funds to be used in a variety of settings and situations across a broad range of state, local, and tribal institutions and organizations? For instance, funds can help schools create space for social distancing, help libraries and museums reopen safely, and support public safety agencies. McMurray Stern offers a range of affordable static storage solutions to help you encourage social distancing at the office, in a school environment, and a variety of other settings. Here are some ways to utilize static and mobile storage solutions in a functional way that assists your business in following Covid health recommendations.

High-Density Mobile Shelving

Creating more space in the same layout can be challenging. If you’re struggling with this issue, consider high-density mobile storage systems. By offering twice the amount of storage in the same space, or the same amount in half the space, mobile storage can help increase your office space, giving you more options for safely spreading out personnel.

Day Use Locker Storage

Day use lockers provide a unique storage solution with multiple functions. Design a locker wall to create partitions and separation. Perhaps you are trying to minimize the amount of personal possessions brought in and out of your workplace. Day use lockers are durable, secure, and have an urban, modern aesthetic. They’re easy to disinfect and can help keep personal items from home stored safely, eliminating clutter from the common workspace.

Industrial Storage Lockers

Industrial storage lockers can be tucked neatly against walls and measured to meet the company’s current and near-future needs. The increased safety of lockers versus more open methods of maintaining inventory and equipment also allows them to be better filled, improving their space efficiency further.

Much like day use lockers, industrial storage lockers allow for employees to safely store their goods and personal belongings from home thereby minimizing Covid exposure. The lockers can easily be tagged with numbers or any other desired identification, allowing employees to find whatever is needed at any given moment. In addition, thinner variants can be used for individuals or small groups, while larger, walk-in lockers can service the entire company while taking up only a small amount of space.

Need Help Making the Most of Your Space?

Your challenges and constraints help fuel our best ideas. Our designers can examine your current workspace and recommend storage solution options that fall under the American Rescue Plan. This way, you can secure the funds needed to follow Covid health guidelines and keep your staff safe in the workplace. Ready for your free consultation? Let’s talk.

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Did you know, the American Rescue Plan allows funds to be used in a variety of settings and situations across a broad range of state,...