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Multi-Media Storage Solutions Make Your Office More Efficient

Multi Media Storage Solutions Make Your Office More Efficient

Are you running out of space in your central filing department? Do you need to find a way to keep your current filing style, but increase efficiency at the same time?

Or maybe you are realizing that recent advances in technology have created a whole new set of requirements for the shape and size of your filing cabinets and shelving units. The use of hard drives, DVD’s, video tapes and data cartridges is as commonplace in today’s office environment as it is in professional audio/video environments.

McMurray Stern offers a variety of specialized, multimedia storage cabinets to maximize the capacity and accessibility of your media selection. We know that trying to fit a world of information into traditional filing systems is a frustrating task. So when you begin researching the multi media storage solution that will work best for you ask yourself the following list of questions to determine if the particular storage cabinet is right for you.

Multi Media Storage Considerations

  1. Will this multimedia storage solution maximize the available space in my office or workspace?
  2. Are there options to personalize the cabinet with special drawers, hanging folder frames, pass through panels, or other customizations?
  3. Is there a locking option for cabinets that you want to keep secure?
  4. Will the available colors coordinate with my current office space or will the new multi media storage cabinet become an eyesore?
  5. Can I use cabinets of varying heights in the same space?

Once you’ve considered these questions on your own, contact a McMurray Stern Design Consultant to conduct a complementary needs analysis and recommend a multi media storage solution to fit your space and your budget.

Below are some products that provide “yes” answers to all 5 of the above considerations. These multimedia storage cabinets are space efficient, customizable and secure.

Times-2 Rotary Storage

Times-2 is a space saving dual-sided alternative to lateral cabinets. It features true flexible storage not seen in lateral cabinets and has compartmentalized, locking storage. The shelving gives double depth for more multimedia storage.

You can store almost anything, from personal items to books, binders, tablets, notebooks, files and more.

Unlike ordinary lateral files, the versatile rotary cabinet design takes space planning to a whole new level. You can save space, divide space, and place Times-2™ where no ordinary lateral cabinet can go.

Compared to standard ling systems, Times-2 Speed Files can greatly reduce the amount of square footage required. This space savings can be used for additional workstations, more storage, or whatever fits your particular business or office needs.

Gemtrac Pull Out System

This unique pull out shelving design revolutionized multi media storage, providing high density and easy retrieval. This patented design provides the highest storage per square foot for most small media applications. These high-density and high-capacity storage products are designed for all types of media formats and can be tailored to each customer’s specific media application.

Each multimedia storage cabinet unit consists of two large cabinets facing each other, each with pull-out vertical drawers that share common overhead tracks.

Read more about multimedia storage systems here and connect with a McMurray Stern Design Consultant today.

What should you consider when planning your evidence storage?

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