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Mod-Glider Pro: An Innovative Solution You Can Hang Your Art On

Our new Mod-Glider Pro™ brings next-level storage to art institutions. In a market where an average of only 3% of collections are on display at a time, curators are always looking for a solution to maximize their visual storage capability. The Mod-Glider Pro™ is the newest solution for art rack storage. Born from insight gathered from industry professionals, the Mod-Glider Pro was designed with the end user in mind and focused on the following product innovations:

Benefits of the Mod-Glider Pro Art Rack Solution

Ease of Movement

Mod-Glider Pro’s lubricant-free slide design keeps art collections safe from contamination and allows for easy screen extension, requiring minimal force to operate. Unloaded pullout art screens require no more than 15lbs. pull force to start and continue screen-extension motion. Its floor guide rails require minimal floor anchoring to minimize intrusion and are positioned on either side of the screen to ensure smooth operation and alignment upon extension.

Visibility Improvement

One of the highest priorities in art storage is making a greater percentage of stored works accessible to staff and visible to patrons, achieved by periodically rotating collections on and off display. A sleek punched triangle screen offers premium aesthetics and is perfect for front-of-house exhibitions and displays. Mod-Glider Pro is designed to fit most any space and store myriad hanging art and collections while allowing for system growth and reconfiguration as collections change over time.

Ease of Accessorizing

Purpose-built accessories allow you to easily hang and display various collections of varying shapes and sizes. Designed specifically with end-user requirements in mind to seamlessly integrate with the two new screen options – Welded Wire and Punched Triangle. Hooks and hanging accessories stay positioned while you gently handle your artwork and navigate frame mounting hardware. Options include:

  • Standard Hook
  • Premium Hook
  • Frame-Spanning Hook
  • Universal Shelf
  • Rolled Textile roll
  • Universal Mounting Brackets

What Industry Professionals Are Saying About the Mod-Glider Pro

McMurray Stern’s partner, SpaceSaver, attended the 2022 AAM Annual Meeting & Museum Expo in Boston and recently had the opportunity to showcase the new Mod-Glider Pro. 

Conservators, collections managers, curators, and private collectors loved the aesthetics and the breadth of accessories, as well as the ability to store more than just 2D art for both large and small institutions.

Attendees were impressed by the hook designs, how easily they can be installed and removed from screens, and how securely they remain affixed to the screens.

Attendees were welcomed to test our new purpose-built standard hook versus a standard S-hook and repeatedly demonstrated how our new purpose-built hooks held secure while the other fell off the screen. Many liked the premium hook and its precise adjustment (left-to-right and up and down).

Contact McMurray Stern to learn more about the latest innovative solution to hang art – the Mod-Glider Pro.

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