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Reinvent Your Higher Education Storage Solutions

College campuses are constantly evolving. With that comes the continual need for new and innovative storage solutions to keep your campus adaptable, organized, and secure at all times. McMurray Stern has been helping higher education institutions modify their storage options since 1980, and we’re proud to partner with Spacesaver Corporation to offer a wide range of solutions that can adapt to any campus’ needs.

From student athletics and campus libraries to performing arts and rec centers, we work with you to craft a custom design-build process that ensures projects are professionally managed from concept to execution.

Is it time to reinvent your higher education storage solutions? Keep reading to learn more about the different campus storage solutions we can offer to help you optimize space and attract top students.

Student Athletics

Coaches and team managers know, that a campus athletic’s storage and organization of equipment plays a role in attracting top athletes. From storing apparel, uniforms, footwear, pads, and more, it’s essential to always stay organized as a team; during both home and away games. That begins in the student athletics center. An optimized athletics building helps coaches keep accurate inventory, improves morale, and appeals to top recruits.

McMurray Stern offers functional, durable, and customizable storage and shelving systems for all types of athletic equipment. We have designed and built custom storage systems for several of the professional sports teams here in Southern California as well as most of the major universities.

Some of our campus athletics storage solutions include:

  • Mobile or static shelving for quick and easy access to all types of equipment
  • Vertical storage for long items such as bats, sticks, and poles
  • Personal lockers for student-athletes

Here’s what Jim Hogue from the California State University Northridge had to say, “We are very happy with the two systems installed in our new building a few years ago that I work with on a daily basis. I would certainly contact McMurray Stern should we need anything else and I do recommend them to colleagues.”

Campus Library

Libraries should be adaptable spaces where students and staff can rearrange based on events, activities, or personal study preferences. This is why academic libraries are looking for more flexibility with their space – from the furniture to equipment.

Maximize the effectiveness of your library by adding casters to shelving, making it mobile to allow for rearranging. Larger multipurpose spaces, like learning commons, are typically used for events or private studying. Temporary dividers can provide moveable walls to create custom meeting-sized rooms at any time.

Personal Security

There is a growing need for students to keep their belongings safe and secure on campus. Lockers are an essential part of any campus, whether it be to store a student’s backpack and textbooks or for athletes’ uniforms and equipment.

At McMurray Stern, we offer a wide variety of locker storage solutions to choose from. We can also provide custom-designed lockers to meet your specific needs.

Some features that our lockers offer include:

  • Ventilation to prevent mildew and odors
  • Adjustable shelves to accommodate different-sized items
  • Mirrors to help students get ready for class
  • Electronic locks for added security

Science Lab Equipment Storage

We understand the importance of having a well-organized science lab. Not only does it create a more efficient work environment but it also helps to ensure the safety of your students and staff. From storing expensive and fragile lab equipment to creating movable walls for innovative classroom settings, we make the best use of your valuable space.

McMurray Stern offers a variety of static design options to complement any science lab with our unique modular system. Our system adds functionality and efficiency with a very little limit on capabilities. The modular millwork storage systems are also easy to reconfigure and re-purpose for greater productivity. No matter what type or size of space you need, we can work with you to craft the perfect solution for your lab’s needs.

Campus Clinics

Whether you’re in need of sterile storage for surgical supplies, or pharmacy shelving, we know that university hospitals and on-campus clinics need to access items quickly to serve their patients. Our experience with medical and surgical storage, as well as our ability to provide custom solutions, makes us the perfect partner for your campus clinic.

Our campus clinics storage options include:

  • Modular bin shelving to maximize capacity in your pharmacy or stocking room
  • Mobile shelving allows you to move shelves side-by-side to create aisle space when needed
  • Sterile storage to allow staff to find what they need quickly, improving response time

Performing Arts Centers

Performing arts centers require quick access and efficient use of space. Our mobile storage systems help campus performing arts centers protect and organize instruments, sheet music, costumes, props, and more. Easily find and retrieve stored items, no matter if you’re in a small music room or a large auditorium.

Campus Rec Center Storage

We’re no stranger to sports and fitness storage! We have a variety of custom storage solutions for your on-campus rec center. We can provide short-term, space-saving solutions and day-use locker options for securing visitors’ belongings.

We also understand that each campus is unique, and has different storage requirements. For long-term storage of rec center equipment, we offer mobile shelving and static storage solutions that can be customized to your campus’ needs.

Design, Build, Organize Smart with McMurray Stern

Interested in implementing McMurray Stern’s storage solutions across your campus? From science labs and rec centers to student athletics and campus libraries, our team can help you design, plan, build, install, and organize your campus. Contact us to learn more!

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