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McMurray Stern Partners with Varian Healthcare to Optimize Storage in Flagship Warehouse

McMurray Stern is a leading provider of storage and organizational solutions. By implementing a comprehensive storage solution, McMurray Stern has helped Varian Healthcare improve storage density by more than 50%. Keep reading to learn more about Varian Healthcare, its storage challenges, and how McMurray Stern helped optimize their healthcare space.

About Varian Healthcare

Varian Healthcare is a leading provider of medical devices and oncology treatments. As a Siemens Healthcare company, Varian is at the forefront of innovation in the medical field. Patients use their products worldwide to improve their quality of life. From cancer treatment devices to MRI machines, Varian Healthcare provides cutting-edge solutions that make a difference in people’s lives. Their commitment to excellence is apparent, from their design products to how they treat their customers. Varian Healthcare is a company that patients trust to provide the best care.

Varian Healthcare’s Storage Challenges

Varian had been using basic material handling equipment but needed to solve many design and functionality challenges they were facing in their warehouse. They also needed a new Green Field in Tijuana, Mexico, to support their US manufacturing operations. McMurray Stern took Varian Healthcare’s unique needs and designed a strategic concept to provide a complete turnkey solution for their entire space.

The solution included installing advanced material handling equipment, which helped Varian improve efficiency and productivity in their warehouse. In addition, McMurray Stern supported the construction of the new facility in Tijuana, ensuring that the project was completed on time and within budget. Thanks to the comprehensive solution McMurray Stern provided, Varian Healthcare can operate more effectively and efficiently in its US and Mexican facilities.

McMurray Stern Designs Solutions for Optimal Healthcare Processes

McMurray Stern’s storage design experts crafted a storage solution fit for Varian Healthcare’s unique needs. The project was a greenfield build and was designed based on CAD drawings of the space.

Varian Healthcare’s hybrid design-build project consisted of 126 sections of light-duty storage racks on the deck of a mezzanine, which straddled all of the building’s mechanical HVAC equipment to take advantage of unused vertical space.

The storage design included 115 sections of 20’ tall, heavy-duty pallet racking and a custom-designed 28’ tall – 158” wide (VLM) SSI Schaefer Vertical Lift Module. We also integrated WAMAS order handling software to integrate seamlessly with their SAP system for real-time inventory accuracy, picking, and performance.

In collaboration with the Varian Healthcare team, McMurray Stern created a beautifully designed space with a process-efficient layout considering Varian’s unique workflow requirements and allowing for a significant growth factor. As a result, the new Tijuana facility has become Varian’s flagship warehouse design.

More About McMurray Stern’s Storage Solutions

As any business owner knows, well-designed storage solutions are essential for keeping a workplace organized and efficient. That’s why so many businesses trust McMurray Stern to craft customized storage solutions that meet their specific needs. So whether you’re looking to improve your office’s organization or boost its productivity, McMurray Stern can help with our automated and static storage solutions.


Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) allow for a higher storage density, freeing up wasted floor space in healthcare organizations. Our ASRS products help you store and retrieve items and materials with improved accuracy and speed. Automated solutions include:

  • AGVs
  • HAIPICK Robots
  • VLM
  • Mini Loads
  • Carousel Systems
  • Shuttle Systems
  • Picking
  • Cranes
  • Lift&Run
  • Conveyors

Static Storage

Our static storage solutions simplify materials management and offer unmatched flexibility and configurability. Our products are suitable for various applications and various sizes and dimensions to suit your specific needs. Static storage solutions include:

  • Modular Bin Shelving
  • Hospital Bed Storage
  • Materials Carts
  • Modular Labs
  • Sterile Storage

McMurray Stern Storage Solutions Customized to Fit Your Business Needs

No matter your industry, our team of storage design experts takes the time to understand the unique challenges of each business and then designs a storage system that maximizes space and efficiency. We also offer a wide range of storage products, from cabinets and shelving to AGVs and robotics, so that businesses can find the perfect solution for their needs.

There is no product too delicate or space too challenging. We are dedicated to helping you get the most out of the space you already have on your timeline and budget. Schedule a consultation with a storage solutions expert today.

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