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Ideal Components of a Weapons Locker

A weapons locker, like its users, needs to be ready at any moment for an emergency.
Whether you need to prioritize easy access, heightened security, or multipurpose functionality,
it’s essential to find a weapons locker that meets your needs. When comparing features of a weapons locker,
here are five qualities that set a weapons locker apart.

User Configurability

The ideal weapons locker ultimately has to prioritize user configurability.
The TA-50 weapons locker is designed by combining modular construction and interchangeable parts.
This allows users to easily configure their lockers as when they remove or alter one part,
the part they replace it with is tailored to fit into the same place.

Double-Thickness Doors

Weapons lockers need to be durable to stand up to frequent use and to protect their contents.
The TA-50 weapons locker is constructed of steel and uses double-thickness doors to ensure the security of its contents.
As the door is the most common point of entry, even for thieves, the double-thickness doors are an extra security
measure that also contributes to the lifespan of the lockers.

Multiple Lock Options

Security is an important aspect of choosing what weapons locker you need. Luckily, the TA-50 lockers offer three forms
of locks to match your security and convenience needs. Weapons lockers that need to be secure but also provide easy access
for personnel can utilize the hasp style or padlock. For weapons lockers that need more security and restricted access,
the lockers can also be equipped with key or combination locks.

Adjustable Accessories

While the base purpose of a weapons locker is to store weapons, premium weapons lockers also allow for a number of
accessories to allow for personalized use. Individual weapons all have unique storage needs, and for ease of access, are
often stored with other items that facilitate their use. By allowing for adjustable accessories like document holders, hook
kits, and support rails, the TA 50 weapons locker is able to handle any configuration of a weapon and its accessories.

Specialty Customization

For any needs not already specified, a weapons locker should be customizable in order to serve any situation. One form of
customization is making weapons lockers that are air-extraction ready. Another is the ability to support UL listed
electrical outlets. If a base weapons locker can’t meet your needs, you need to choose a provider that goes above and
beyond for you.

Ultimately, the ideal weapons locker will be the one best suited to your needs, but there are several features that make
certain weapons lockers outstanding. A weapons locker that prioritizes user configurability is effective in most situations
as it can be adjusted by individuals to meet their needs. Likewise, adjustable accessories and specialty customization
allow for further success. Finally, features like improved security, lock options, and ventilation allow you to be ready
for any situation.

Interested in streamlining your weapons storage? Learn more at McMurray Stern.

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