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CEO Weekly: Meet Kenny DeAngelis: The Mastermind Behind McMurray Stern

A version of this article was published in the CEO Weekly, featuring McMurray Stern’s Kenny DeAngelis.

“When Kenny DeAngelis joined McMurray Stern as the CEO three years ago, he had big plans for its future. In his time at the company, DeAngelis has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with, marked by the intense growth in the company’s services and revenue.

McMurray Stern designs automated systems, state-of-the-art workspaces, custom shelving, lockers, racking, and robotics for warehouse use. As their business grows, McMurray Stern constantly evolves to match the needs of their customers. The changes that DeAngelis has implemented in his time at McMurray Stern match the company mission to supply customers with the best, most economical products to aid them in production.

Before DeAngelis started at McMurray Stern, he worked as a management consultant at Ernst & Young. Eventually, he began investing in companies that garnered true potential – enter McMurray Stern. Though it had a strong foundation, it, in the words of DeAngelis, “needed a new life, direction, and energy.”

He goes on to say, “I kind of looked at it like a fixer-upper house in a great neighborhood. It had so much potential but just needed some new upgrades, paint and love. Then it could be the nicest on the block.”

Since joining, DeAngelis has helped McMurray Stern to evolve immensely, turning this “fixer-upper” into a turn-key masterpiece. At the time of his purchase, just three years ago, McMurray Stern had $12MM in revenue. Now, the company is projecting a $40MM revenue by the end of this year.

DeAngelis shares the other changes that he helped perpetuate at McMurray Stern: “When we bought the company we were just selling mobile shelving and lockers. We’re now heavily embedded into warehouse automation and can design and install fully warehouse automation and robotic systems.”

All of these new technologies and innovations have helped partners of McMurray Stern to succeed. Their customers rely on them to provide the best and most effective solutions to reaching peak warehouse organization.

In the time of the pandemic, the services that McMurray Stern provides have become increasingly prevalent. Now that consumers have learned that services such as 30-minute grocery delivery is possible, giving this up seems unthinkable.

DeAngelis notes, “Consumers are now used to getting E-Commerce items in 24 hours or less. Society usually doesn’t go backwards and now consumers expect this.”

Instead of resisting this change, DeAngelis has dived in full-force. He realizes the importance of McMurray Stern’s role in this new, faster-paced world. DeAngelis looks forward to new company developments such as the establishment of a McMurray Stern tech center, numerous company acquisitions, and the growth of their employee network that will help them to grow even further.

In his time at McMurray Stern, DeAngelis has dealt with a lot of adversity. He is a CEO in a time of intense labor shortages, working from home, and thousands of failed businesses. Nonetheless, DeAngelis has persevered through these tough times and continues to place his customers and employees at the center of his operations.

DeAngelis places an emphasis on moving forward with the world. Trying to resist the inevitable changes that have risen over the past few years is ineffective to running a successful business.

He considers the importance that a CEO should place on evolving: “You shouldn’t fight the trend and should embrace technology because if you don’t, then another company will and they will have a leg up.”

Through his leadership at McMurray Stern, DeAngelis has displayed his intense talent and dedication to running a business. He continues to show qualities of an exceptional leader. In the future, we can expect McMurray Stern to become a household name and an unbreakable force in this post-pandemic world, especially if DeAngelis has anything to do with it.”

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