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5 Ways to Optimize Space and Store All of Your Healthcare Supplies

The healthcare sector lost 17,500 jobs in September amid an ongoing labor shortage. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare employment has dropped by 524,000, with nursing and residential care facilities accounting for about four-fifths of the loss. 

The organization is critical in today’s healthcare environments with increased demand for healthcare workers and ongoing staffing shortages across the country. There is simply no time to struggle with accessing medications, medical tools, beds, or any devices required to take care of patients.

Healthcare Storage Simplified

McMurray Stern provides storage solutions for the healthcare industry to simplify materials management and offer unmatched flexibility and configurability for your storage needs.

1. Modular Bin Shelving

We offer a modular bin sterile storage system that offers an unmatched degree of flexibility for your storage needs. The system maximizes capacity in your pharmacy or stocking room. Modular bin shelving can be accompanied by a high-density system to compress two rows of storage into one deeper space. When your space is at a premium this is the sterile storage system that will help most with organization and space savings.

2. Hospital Bed Storage

Revolutionary to the medical and hospital industry, the Hospital Bed Lift is a cost-effective way to store and access spare hospital beds including beds requiring maintenance or cleaning. Ideal for hospitals and other medical fields, this innovative hospital bed storage solution takes beds off the floor and stacks them securely in a vertical arrangement. The Hospital Bed Lift not only saves valuable floor space but also removes potential fire hazards from the hospital corridors and adds valuable seconds back into patient care.

3. Materials Cart

Simplify healthcare materials management with our flexible, scalable, and completely modular carts. Our materials carts can be configured to include baskets, trays, workspace, drawers and dividers, bins, wire shelves, catheter storage, and much more. The possibilities are endless. Download our brochure to learn more.

4. Modular Labs

Our unique modular design and designer finishes let you have the specific functional layout you need for efficiency and the look you want to complement your workspace – with no custom upcharges. You no longer have to sacrifice design for functionality. Get the lab you need with the look you want – at the cost of ordinary casework.

5. Sterile Healthcare Storage

Sterile storage is a crucial component of any hospital’s patient care strategy. Well-organized sterile supply areas allow staff to find what they need quickly, which improves response times and staff morale.

Cold Storage Case Study

A Los Angeles-area diagnostic laboratory, originally built in 2016, conducts medical testing for hundreds of thousands of southern California residents. In response to an urgent need to process more COVID-19 tests, a new lab was constructed in 2020 by rapidly building out 30,000 square feet of shelled space inside the existing 150,000-square-foot facility. To support all the supplies and materials required to maintain a six-fold increase in capacity, the lab needed three compact storage systems one for materials management and two for storing test kits in refrigerated rooms.

Explore Solutions for your Unique Healthcare Storage Needs

If any of the above solutions speak to your needs, we would be happy to connect with you and share more about our McMurray Stern offerings. Our design and architecture consultants are ready to listen to your storage concerns and offer solutions that will keep you moving forward. Let’s talk.

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