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McMurray Stern & Spacesaver: 41 Years of Storage Solutions

At McMurray Stern, we deeply value our product and manufacturing partners, because they help us create the high-quality customized storage solutions we are known for. That is why we wanted to take time this month and acknowledge Spacesaver Corporation. 

For 41 years, McMurray Stern clients have enjoyed the benefits of our longstanding partnership with Spacesaver. Utilizing the best of Spacesaver’s static and high-density mobile storage solutions, our McMurray Stern team has provided the right storage solutions for companies of all sizes and across many industries.

Their products continue to be a foundational piece of our designs in various sectors: public and personal safety to a library, museum, office, and athletics storage needs.

Static Storage Solutions

Day Use & Personal Lockers

Our personal Storage Lockers allow employees and officers to configure and customize their storage for their needs. A wide array of accessories accommodate weapons, uniforms, equipment, and electronics. Additions such as retractable benches, HVAC integration, and in-locker electronic charging create even more convenience and functionality.

Our Day Use Lockers allow organizations to adapt to the need for more convenient, flexible spaces while blending seamlessly with a building’s overall design. 

Weapons Storage

Whether weapons are being held temporarily or long-term, security and fast access are always top of mind for officers. From weapons lockers designed to accommodate handguns, shotguns, rifles, and accompanying accessories, to sally port lockers for temporary storage, our weapons storage solutions combine a host of security features with the optimal organization.

High-Density Mobile Shelving

Our high-density mobile systems ensure secure museum storage in optimal spaces. We understand how rapidly museum collections grow, and mobile storage creates a way to store far more items in less space.

Evidence Storage

A disorganized evidence room means misplaced items, wasted time, and inability to dispose of old items. Our high-density mobile systems allow for the increase of storage capacity without expanding the storage room. Standard, heavy-duty, and refrigerated options, handle any piece of evidence – from weapons to bikes to narcotics and DNA evidence.

Museum Storage

Our secure museum storage cabinets include locking glass doors, drawer systems, and additional custom features. The secure museum storage cabinets are designed to meet the specific needs of a facility and adapt for future changes. They are approved and proven for museum and archival institution use, with solvent-free, non-reactive baked polyester powder coating.

I’d Like to Learn More

If any of the above solutions speak to your needs, we would be happy to connect with you and share more about our McMurray Stern offerings. Our design and architecture consultants are ready to listen to your storage concerns and offer solutions that will keep you moving forward. Let’s talk.

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At McMurray Stern, we deeply value our product and manufacturing partners, because they help us create the high-quality customized...