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McMurray Stern Orbiter – Maximizing Warehouse Space and Increasing Efficiency Without Expansion

As a business owner, one of the challenges you may face is coming up with warehouse improvement ideas. Managing inventory in your warehouse when there is limited space available is key to efficient storage. 

You may be running out of storage space for many reasons. It could be because facility consolidation, a scheduled inventory build for a manufacturer shutdown, seasonal peaks, or even rapid growth. 

 One method to consider when coming up with warehouse improvement ideas is a channel storage system to address your warehouse’s space challenges. 

When Your Warehouse is Running Out of Space

A warehouse technically runs out of space when it hits about 85% of its occupancy. Warehouse congestion requires extra labor to retrieve goods. For example, having to clear material in order to reach material in the back. It is probably costing you valuable time and labor to continue operating with a manual system of storing and retrieving your inventory. 

Maximize Your Storage Without Expanding 

A channel storage system consists of multiple storage positions stacked behind each other in channels, creating a dense storage medium for warehouses. 

In a channel storage system, the storage is accessed using channel vehicles that remove and put goods from and into storage. As compared to high bay warehouses, automated miniload systems, dynamic flow racks, or pallet racks, a channel storage system makes significantly higher usage of the existing space without the need for any expansion. Channel storage systems are utilized in warehouses where the storage space needs to be compacted. 

Benefits of Using a McMurray Stern Orbiter for Your Warehouse

When brainstorming warehouse improvement ideas, a channel storage system like the McMurray Stern Orbiter has both fully-automatic and semi-automatic systems. This allows for greater availability, supply capability, and service quality, in addition to efficient utilization of space. An orbiter system is also efficient in environments that may require temperature control and require a lot of power. 

There are different McMurray Stern Orbiter models depending on what your needs are: 

  • First In Last Out (FILO) – This is the most compact as well as the most resource-efficient type of storage/retrieval. Goods that are stored first will be the last removed.
  • First In First Out (FIFO) – Perfect for perishable goods that need to be stored, goods that were first stored will be the first out. This model is accessible by two-channel vehicles with an anti-collision system in place to prevent any accidents. 
  • Picking Solution –  If you need to pick certain goods, this model type can combine various solutions. One solution could be integrating a tunnel into the rack to allow goods to be loaded from both sides, picked to order. 
  • Automated Guided Vehicle Solution – The Orbiter can be used in combination with an automated guided vehicle (AGV). McMurray Stern has AGV’s that allow barrier-free networking of different warehouse and work areas, customized to your needs. 
  • Cleaning Solution – Keeping hygiene and cleanliness top of mind in the warehouse area is a must. This type designs the lowest level to be end-to-end accessible for cleaning machines. 

The technology used in channel storage systems is ideal for warehouses that have limited storage space and/or have a small range of items with large volumes. It can also be ideal for those in the  food and beverage industry which typically has a need to store deep-freeze and cooled goods. Moreover, this type of storage solution is also useful in environments involving energy-intensive temperature controls. 

With a channel storage system you can: 

  • Improve warehouse performance 
  • Improve warehouse scalability 
  • Increase the availability of products
  • Save energy consumption and overall costs 
  • Ensure safety and durability 

McMurray Stern offers safe, fast, and intelligent channel storage systems for any space-saving challenges. Need more information or assistance in selecting the perfect automated storage system for your organization’s needs? Contact us for a free design consultation today.

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