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Why You Should Use Industrial Shelving in Your On-Demand Warehouse

With the rise of independent online businesses, small sellers need to be able to compete with name brands with fewer resources. Large scale businesses can afford personalized warehouse and shipping options due to their higher profit margins and large customer base. However, small businesses often don’t have the luxury of operating out of personal warehouses with teams purely dedicated to their product. Instead, small businesses can compete with name brands by choosing to operate using industrial shelving.

On-demand warehouses offer services such as the storage and shipping of products for multiple clients at once. Business owners simply pay for the space they need, allowing them to have the benefits of a personal warehouse without accruing the cost of the entire facility. Like any lease based business, owners need to consider how to cater to clients that may have very different needs. When looking to begin your own on-demand warehouse service, industrial shelving provides customization, versatility, and durability that will satisfy any and all clients. 

3 Reasons to Use Industrial Shelving in Your On-Demand Warehouse

1. Industrial Shelving Customization

The phrase industrial shelving tends to bring up images of rigid and well-constructed shelving designed to bear heavy loads. While this image is not incorrect, it severely limits industrial shelving’s ability to be customized for specific product types. For example, vertical carousels are a form of industrial shelving that keeps the product off the ground by utilizing the overhead space of your facility. Other forms of customization include industrial shelving designed to work with products of specific dimensions or products with unusual shapes.

If you want to lease space in your on-demand warehouse to clients within a specific industry, customizing your industrial shelving for products common in that industry could be the selling point that wins you a new tenant. Of course, specializing in heavy-duty industrial shelving is also an option, but it isn’t your only option. 

2. Versatility

While industrial shelving can be customized to house a number of specialty products, you may feel more comfortable with a one-size-fits-all storage solution. As previously mentioned, industrial shelving is designed to withstand heavy loads as well as the wear and tear of product stocking. Utilizing industrial shelving in your on-demand warehouse allows you to store any product. 

Considering on-demand warehouses function through a lease system, there is an expected amount of client turnover. If you suddenly go from housing shoes to car engines, you won’t have to worry about the capabilities of your storing solution. Industrial shelving can unilaterally handle all of your client’s storing needs regardless of their industry.

3. Durability

A constant influx of changing clients and products combined with daily wear on shelving results in the need for a durable storage solution in your on-demand warehouse; you need to be confident that your shelving will continue to perform under pressure. Industrial shelving provides this needed durability to keep your warehouse running regardless of clientele. 

Industrial shelving is specifically built to handle the needs of a warehouse floor. Designed with materials made for heavy-loads, industrial shelving maintains its structural integrity by being reinforced in common stress areas. Unlike weaker shelving solutions made of wood or plastic, industrial shelving won’t warp or break under the weight of your clients’ products; it’s made to last. 

Whether you’re looking to create a specialty based on-demand warehouse or one that can handle whatever your clients need, industrial shelving is the premier storage solution for your business. Industrial shelving can be customized to fit specific product needs while being versatile enough in its base form to handle numerous products without additional tailoring. In either scenario, industrial shelving remains a durable and long-lasting investment for your on-demand warehouse. 

Need more information or assistance in selecting the right storage solutions for your organization’s needs? Contact us for a free design consultation today.

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