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5 Organizational Tips For Renovating Your Public Safety Facility in the New Year

As we enter the New Year, many public safety facilities are considering renovations to enhance their functional efficiency and adapt to the evolving needs of their team and communities. McMurray Stern understands that renovating a public safety facility involves careful planning and organization to ensure a smooth transition without compromising essential services. This blog will discuss five crucial organizational tips for successfully renovating your public safety facility in the coming year.

  1. Select Your Project Management Team Members

Effective project management is the fortitude of any successful renovation. Partner with McMurray Stern, and we will assemble a dedicated and skilled project management team to oversee the entire renovation process. Our team comprises construction, architecture, engineering, and facility management experts. We assign each team member clear roles and responsibilities, ensuring everyone understands the project’s goals and timelines. We regularly communicate and collaborate among team members to keep the renovation on track.

  1. Outline Organizational Objectives

Before diving into the renovation process, McMurray Stern will clearly define the organizational objectives you aim to achieve at your facility. Whether improving response times, enhancing security measures, or accommodating a growing workforce, having well-defined goals will guide the renovation project. We work closely with you as your project management team to align these objectives with the overall mission of your public safety facility. Establish measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress and evaluate the renovation’s success.

Objectives to Consider:

  • Budget
  • How might the new facility fit within site constraints and easement on the property? 
  • How will the existing facility expand to accommodate the growth needed? 
  • What are the critical access points for the public and personnel? 
  • Is there enough public parking, personnel parking, and departmental vehicle parking? 
  • Is there space for weapons, evidence, and other important documents or materials?
  • Space needed for operational efficiency
  • Can any current lockers or storage spaces be reused and optimized?
  • Is there space to implement mobile high density storage for long-term evidence storage?
  • Equipment needed
  • Requirements
  • ADA Accessibility

3. Hire Storage Design Experts

Public safety facilities often deal with a vast array of evidence, records, and equipment. Our team understands that efficient storage design is crucial to optimize space and streamline operations. Hiring storage design experts like ourselves, who specialize in public safety facilities, can help assess your current storage needs, propose customized solutions, and maximize the functionality of your space. From evidence storage to equipment organization, a well-designed storage system contributes significantly to the overall effectiveness of your facility.

4. Decide on System Integrations

Incorporating modern storage systems can significantly improve the overall efficiency of your public safety facility. Collaborate with McMurray Stern storage design experts to determine your organization’s most suitable system integrations. Integrations may include electronic inventory tracking, automated retrieval systems, and specialized automated robotics such as e-picking to reduce the time it takes to retrieve and locate items, including files and evidence. Integrating these systems will enhance the organization’s ability to manage and access resources efficiently.

5. Training

During the training phase of our process, we provide hands-on instruction so your operations team can become familiar with all aspects of their new storage systems quickly and easily. In addition, we will educate users on how to properly use their new system so they become familiarized with its capabilities before going live with it operationally. We also provide customer training systems and commissioning services.

McMurray Stern

Renovating a public safety facility is a complex undertaking that requires careful organization and planning. By selecting our proficient project management team, we can help outline clear organizational objectives, advise on storage design, decide on storage system integrations, and provide thorough training. In doing so, you can set the stage for a successful and efficient renovation project. McMurray Stern is a proud partner of public safety facilities. Download our case study to learn how we helped a state police agency organize and store away evidence for 3,000 state troopers in their crime lab.

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