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The Right Warehouse Management System Can Change Your Business

In addition to friendly service and amazing products, consumers now demand fast fulfillment, same-day delivery options, curbside pick-up options… oh, and do it all with a smile, please! The quickest way to keep up with these demands is to first examine your warehouse management. In this article, we will explore what warehouse management software is, why it’s important in everyday business operations, and how it can be utilized in different business types.

Let’s get started. 

What is a Warehouse Management System?

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a software solution that offers visibility into inventory and helps manage supply chain fulfillment operations from the distribution center to the store shelf.

Why Invest in Warehouse Management Software?

It’s all about efficiency in your operations and best practices for fulfillment, inventory, and documentation. Today, you need a warehouse management system to understand where all of your materials and goods are in the warehouse to ultimately reduce order latency, processing costs and order errors.

WMS can help you speed up your order fulfillment, and keep track of what is selling well. When you’re able to see what products are leaving the warehouse the most often, you can find new ways to optimize the way you set up the warehouse. You can track raw materials when they come in and make sure they’re in the best place for stocking and manufacturing. The best selling products can be next to the loading dock or the packing area, as opposed to being on the opposite end of the space.

Major benefits of a Warehouse Management System include: 

  • Lower operating costs
  • Higher inventory visibility
  • Efficient labor management
  • Improved customer and supplier relations
  • Greater security 

Tools to Enhance Your Warehouse Management 

From receiving and put-away to picking and shipping, a warehouse management system like WAMAS, by SSI SCHAEFER for example, allows you to increase fulfillment speed while still reducing errors. McMurray Stern is a provider of WAMAS in partnership with SSI SCHAEFER.

What can WAMAS WMS do? 

  • Quickly and accurately receive goods
  • Control internal flow of materials 
  • Guide employees through operational processes 
  • Ensure ideal utilization of storage space
  • Provide high goods throughput 
  • Combine all warehouse processes and information in the control center

More Ways to Enhance Warehouse Management

McMurray Stern can examine your current approach, review order data, and offer solutions for integrations to optimize your warehouse management system and make it more efficient. 

If you do not have a warehouse management system in place, we can do an operational analysis to help you create a system utilizing the latest automated tools for your organization in addition to warehouse management software.

Automated Systems to Boost Warehouse Efficiency

Picking Systems

Picking goods is one of the most costly and labor-intensive processes for both warehouses and distribution centers. Adding or integrating a picking system to your order management logistics can help you process your orders faster and more effectively among other benefits.

Vertical Lift Modules

Many companies have chosen our lifts to help organize and improve their work-flow, thanks to its flexibility, wide range of models available, superior design, and ease of use.

Shuttle Systems

If you need optimized storage with rapid material transport and short access times, a shuttle system is an innovative and economical solution.

Haipick Robots

Intelligent picking and handling, autonomous navigation, active obstacle avoidance, and autonomous charging. Characterized by high stability and high precision, the robot can significantly improve operational efficiency.

Pouch Sorters & Carriers

Pouch sorters and carriers enable the accumulation, buffering, distributing, and sorting of goods. Pouch sorters have high throughput, are low maintenance, and have universal usage for goods weighing up to 3 kg. You can connect various secondary load carriers to this adapter manually or as a fully automated system.


Carousel systems enable highly efficient storage and picking processes in the smallest possible space. Carousels are an outstanding solution for handling small parts along with medium to slow-moving products including retail, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics components, media, and food items.

I Want to Talk More about Warehouse Management

Our McMurray Stern consultants are ready for all your questions about warehouse management systems. Contact us.

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