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The McMurray Stern Design-Build Process: What it Looks Like to Work with Our Storage Experts

Designing a storage system involves more than selecting the right accessories or shelving. You must consider various other elements, including industry, usability, accessibility, maximum organization, scalability, and more. With over 40 years of experience behind our company, our McMurray Stern team understands what it takes to craft a successful, customized design-build plan that works within our client’s budget and timeline. Our process is tailored to meet the unique storage solution design and installation needs and ensure that every component of their storage systems is optimized and built to last. This blog will explore how McMurray Stern’s design-build process works and what you can expect while working with our storage solution experts.

A Closer Look at McMurray Stern’s Design-Build Process

Project Analysis 

The first step in our design-build process is the project analysis phase, which includes requirements research, budget establishment, site visits, and data analysis. During this phase, we review your existing storage system and analyze your current operations. This helps us understand exactly what you need from your storage solution and determine a realistic budget for the installation.

Planning & The Design-Build Process

Once we have completed our analysis, it’s time to move into the planning and design phase. We work with our clients to create concept designs, configure equipment layouts, and establish pre-business contracts. Our goal during this phase is to create an effective plan that meets all your requirements while staying within your specified budget from the project analysis. We will make detailed plans of how the system should look and operate, as well as select appropriate equipment that meets the requirements of the user base.

Design-Build System Integrations

During this phase, we zero in on detailed interface design, deployment planning, and final business contracting. As your single point of contact, our team will work closely with our premium storage manufacturers, like Spacersaver and SSI Schaefer, to ensure that all components meet their specifications for performance and reliability. We also use advanced software tools to ensure that all features are appropriately integrated into your existing system before moving on to installation. 


Installation is a critical part of any project’s success—which is why we take extra care during the deployment phase of our process. At deployment, we install all necessary equipment, shelving, accessories, and automated solutions (if applicable) before conducting system testing. This helps us verify everything is operating correctly before training your operations team.


During the training phase of our process, we provide hands-on instruction so your operations team can become familiar with all aspects of their new storage systems quickly and easily. In addition, we will educate users on how to properly use their new system, so they become familiarized with its capabilities before going live with it operationally. We also provide customer training systems and commissioning services.

Customer Support 

In the final phase of our design-build process, we offer ongoing support with required site visits for preventative maintenance and spare parts supply for replacements as needed. We also provide software support so you can get help troubleshooting any problems or issues you may encounter down the road throughout the lifecycle of your system. We want you to get the maximum value out of your investment while working with us.

Get Your Project Started With a McMurray Stern Storage Expert

Organizations can have specific storage needs that require careful planning and attention to detail – something McMurray Stern excels at! Our comprehensive design-build planning process ensures that every component of your storage system is designed with precision and accuracy while staying within your specified budget and timeline parameters. Working with McMurray Stern’s storage solutions experts will give you peace of mind and confidence from start to finish. With our experienced team helping guide you through each step, you can trust us to get the job done right! Talk with one of our storage solutions experts and get your project started: https://mcmurraystern.com/free-consultation/

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