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Storing A Higher Volume of Military Preparedness

Military installations house a tremendous amount of gear, supplies, and weapons to support the health, safety, and readiness of those on base. In weapons storage, two major considerations – time and space – are instrumental in choosing which solutions are used and where they will be located.

Protecting Time & Space

Let’s start with time. From training to rapid deployment, military personnel needs quick access to their weapon storage and the confidence that each ordnance is where it should be and is ready for action. Time spent searching or sighting in their weapons is time taken away from sharpening skills or defending their position.

Military installations house service members, their families, and civilian support staff. With all that is needed to provide proper care for residents, optimizing weapons storage space is vital to maintaining order, access, and accountability across many areas on base.

We have various high-density weapons storage solutions to help base commanders keep their service members and gear safe, secure, and ready for action. Optimal storage solutions can help boost preparedness and efficiency at your installation.

More Space on Base

Military arms and their supporting accessories are designed for dependable operation in the field. Part of what keeps them dependable is the method in which they are stored. To keep all types of ordnance performing at the highest level while occupying the smallest footprint possible, storage solutions must be flexible to adapt to varying sizes and volumes of weapons.

Our high-density mobile storage systems ensure that weapons – from pistols to long guns – and gear are kept accessible, secure, and ready. By eliminating fixed aisles, base commanders can conserve valuable floor space within the armory, allowing room for future ordnance.

URW You Ready For Action?

For base commanders, safely transporting weapons from the base, range, or battlefield can be time and resource-consuming. Without a trusted mode of transport, weapons, and gear can be damaged and desynchronized, adding unnecessary prep time to an already regimented schedule.

McMurray Stern’s Universal™ Weapons Rack (UWR®) provides a versatile solution for weapons storage and transport that allows you to go from stationary to in transit without additional preparation. UWR’s flexible configuration can securely and efficiently support a variety of weapons, completely preventing them from movement, shock, vibration, and abrasion en route to their destination.

Room to Bring Out & Store The Big Guns

For larger divisions, efficient weapons transport requires a larger storage solution to safely house the weapons and gear needed to support their troops. To help in saving time, effort, and space taken up by employing multiple smaller weapons storage solutions, our manufacturer, Spacesaver, has developed the Universal Expeditionary™ Weapons Storage System (UEWSS).

This Type 1 TriCON container is designed to efficiently store, ship, and support the contents of multiple weapons racks in less space. Its strategic design enables the container to be easily transported via forklift, allowing personnel to expend their energy on other projects. The standard size of the UEWSS also permits it to be stored and stacked on flatbeds for economic and secure travel.

McMurray Stern’s Military Storage Solutions

McMurray Stern offers innovative storage solutions to protect and serve all your ordnance. Military installations have all the storage needs of a small city – but are also responsible for an immense amount of gear, equipment, and weapons. It’s key that all of this gear is not only stored efficiently in the garrison but also that it’s ready and secure for rapid deployment. Talk with one of our storage experts to learn more about the following storage solutions:

Military Storage Armory and Weapons

Choose from an array of weapons racks, shelving, and containers with reconfigurable accessories such as brackets, shelves, and bins to accommodate your unit’s specific needs and keep you mission-ready. And with steel construction and multiple locking options, you can rest assured that your weapons are safe and prepared.

Government & Military Storage Lockers

Rugged all steel storage cabinets and lockers build to last in demanding military applications.  The modular design of the Military lockers gives you the flexibility you need for all of your storage requirements.

Unit and Supply Storage

Store your company’s equipment so that it can be easily inventoried, inspected, issued, and accessed. From personal issue gear and parachutes to records and blueprints to tools and repair parts, we have unit and supply storage options that increase efficiency and keep gear safe and protected.

Military Hospital Storage

U.S. military and VA hospitals across the globe are pressed for time and space as they strive to provide the best possible health care for our deserving servicemen and veterans. We can help with storage solutions for the sterile supply, patient rooms, and central storage that increase efficiency so that your employees can spend more time with patients and less time searching and restocking.

Military Pharmacy

Help increase efficiency and prevent errors with smarter military pharmacy storage. Our solutions are easy to reconfigure as your inventory changes and provide organization, visibility, and accessibility. Choose from shelves and bins, and more than integrate with RFID technology for easy inventory management.

Cargo Container Rack

The Cargo Container Storage Rack safely double-stacks military cargo and supplies containers into an organized, centralized location. Expertly designed for both indoor and harsh outdoor conditions.

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