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How to store film: Deep freeze vaults for Paramount Studios

Deep freeze is best for preservation

How to store film in perpetuity

For years the film industry has used cool temperature vaults to store film, until now. According to the experts at PRO-TEK Vaults, the team who house the film of Paramount Studios, film is best preserved from degradation in freezing temperatures. And our High Density Mobile Storage systems can take the freeze.

This particular storage vault drew the attention of abc 7 Eyewitness News because it’s home to some of the most high profile films in Hollywood. This vault has the capacity to store 500,000 Paramount films and television shows in film canisters placed in our High Density Mobile Storage System.How to store film? Check out more of our film storage projects here…

 Store film in its original format

While we can all agree that advancements in technology has many advantages, in regards to preservation of film, digital storage does not beat the original physical content. Digitizing has become popular but freezing the film for deep archival allows the film to be retrieved and viewed precisely as it was originally made.

29° in Southern California

There is a natural degradation of film over time that can be stopped by literally freezing it.

These fully enclosed storage vaults are kept at a relative humidity of 35% and 29°.  29° in Southern California isn’t fathomable for most of the locals. But, here in Thousand Oaks it’s the ideal temperature for preserving these films that date back to the 1950’s.

Managing the temperature and humidity is not an easy task. These vaults, which took 1 year to build, are equipped with highly sophisticated control units. Matched with the careful implementation of a custom High Density Mobile Storage system specifically designed to store film canisters in freezing temperatures these vaults are the most innovative solution in film and media storage.

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