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Silicon Valley Times: Robotic Advancements are Not Only the Future of Technology, but are the Future of Storage

A version of this article was published in Silicon Valley Times featuring McMurray Stern.

Welcome to the new age of technology! No, not one where robots overthrow the world, but one in which robotic advancements are helping you accomplish tasks for a plethora of industries2. With McMurray Stern’s robotic creations within their automated systems, they are helping reimagine the storage industry.

While many don’t think of storage and technology having a correlation, the advancements made in the storage industry work to benefit you as consumers. Unlike traditional storage places that have workers in non-climate controlled areas, McMurray Stern has created technology that allows for an increase in productivity and efficiency by 3-4x.

As well as this, Stern has created the storage expertise to aid every and any industry looking to store their products. With automated systems, turn-key workspaces, custom shelving, lockers and racking, Stern has worked to deliver custom storage solutions to a wide variety of industries.

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