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Robotics Are Expected to Dominate the Manufacturing Industry in 2023

For the past few years, robotics has been taking over manufacturing industries worldwide. In fact, according to a study done by the International Federation of Robotics, the global installed base of industrial robots will reach 4.34 million units by 2023. This is almost double the 2.25 million robots in operation in 2016. Why the drastic rise in supply chain robotics systems?

Why Robotics Are On the Rise in Manufacturing & Distribution

In 2023, it is expected that robotics will dominate the manufacturing industry. This shift has been expected as technology advances and the labor market changes.

With labor shortages present in supply chains worldwide and increased demand for quicker goods-to-person processes, robotics offers many advantages to businesses, including:

Efficient Human – Robotics Collaboration

Robotics are transforming the manufacturing landscape, offering a versatile solution for everything from moving heavy objects to performing delicate tasks. Robots can be programmed to perform repetitive tasks such as picking and sorting items. This helps free workers up for other tasks. In addition, they create an operating system with the efficient collaboration of people and goods while offering a unique advantage in warehouse and supply chain operations: the ability to work safely alongside humans.

Robotics Operation Process Optimization

In any business, there are a lot of moving parts. To be successful, it’s essential to have a streamlined process that helps everything run smoothly. Optimizing both the inbound and outbound processes allows you to create a robotic system tailored specifically to your business needs. In addition, by increasing labor efficiency by 3-4 times, robotics can help optimize processes.

Facilitate Efficient Production

Robots provide a flexible response to customized production requirements and facilitate automated, efficient production. Unlike traditional manufacturing methods, robotics allows for individualized customization of products according to customer specifications. This level of customization is made possible by the versatile nature of robots, which can be programmed to carry out a wide range of tasks. Additionally, robotics can meet various applications for diverse production and industry scenarios.

Quick Robotics Response

Robots can respond to changing business needs and achieve rapid expansion and production change. They can be quickly reconfigured to HAI new tasks or achieve different production goals. In addition, robots can work around the clock, allowing for rapid output expansion.

Improved Safety

The digital management platform realizes material safety tracking and information management. Additionally, robots are not susceptible to injury like humans are, so they can work in dangerous environments without putting workers at risk. They can be equipped with sensors that help them avoid accidents. For example, if a robot is about to collide with an object or person, it can stop or change course before an accident occurs.

McMurray Stern’s HAI Robotics Solutions

McMurray Stern’s automated robotic solutions are making waves in warehouses. The HAIPICK A42T robots enable operations to increase storage density while decreasing space footprint. McMurray Stern’s solutions offer intelligent picking and handling, autonomous navigation, active obstacle avoidance, and autonomous charging.

Automate your warehouse with robotics and experience:

  • Intelligent lifting
  • Rapid deployment in 1-2 months
  • Ultra-high storage adaptability
  • Response to dynamic demands
  • Increase operational efficiency by 3-4 times
  • Elevator access
  • Easy transportation
  • Increase storage density by up to 400%
  • 6.5m High Storage Space
  • Customizable robot height

The HAIPICK robotic systems are suitable for apparel, e-commerce, spare parts, retail, 3 PL, electronics, pharmaceutical, energy, and automotive markets.

The future looks bright for robotics, and the systems will likely play an even more significant role in the manufacturing industry over the next few years. Contact McMurray Stern to learn more about implementing robotics into your organization: https://mcmurraystern.com/free-consultation/

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