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Optimizing Patient Care: The Benefits of Organized Healthcare Storage

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, so do the challenges that come with it. One of the biggest challenges faced by healthcare facilities is the proper management and storage of medical supplies, equipment, and records. Fortunately, healthcare storage solutions can simplify materials management, improve patient care, and control costs.

McMurray Stern is a full-service storage solutions provider that simplifies materials management. Their healthcare storage solutions offer unmatched flexibility and configurability to meet the unique storage needs of each facility. This blog will discuss how proper healthcare storage can improve patient care, control costs, and save space.

Improving Healthcare Performance & Patient Care During High-Volume Times

Working with large volumes of patients requires accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility. McMurray Stern helps healthcare organizations improve performance during peak times. Getting organized helps centralize patient data for easy retrieval while streamlining workflow and accuracy of information to serve your patients better.

Improving Healthcare Patient Care

Proper healthcare storage directly impacts the patient experience. Well-organized storage areas promote better patient care by allowing staff to spend more time with their patients. When staff members don’t have to waste time searching for supplies or equipment, they can devote more attention to patient care. Additionally, well-organized storage areas reduce the risk of mix-ups and infections, which can severely affect patient health.

Controlling Costs

Control costs by promoting streamlined inventory processes. When inventory is easily accessible, staff can quickly see what supplies and equipment are available and what needs to be ordered. This reduces the risk of over-ordering or under-ordering supplies, which can be costly. In addition, restricted access to expensive assets, such as high-value equipment or medications, reduces the risk of theft or misuse. Finally, well-organized storage areas require less staff time spent restocking and looking for supplies, which can save money on labor costs.

Saving Space at Your Healthcare Organization

Every square foot of a healthcare facility used for storage is a square foot that can’t be used for patient care. But because proper storage is vital to optimizing assets and promoting patient health, maximizing space with compact storage makes sense. McMurray Stern’s healthcare solutions offer a range of compact storage options, including high-density mobile shelving, vertical lift modules, and Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS). These options can increase storage capacity by up to 50% while providing easy access to supplies and equipment.

McMurray Stern’s Healthcare Storage Solutions That Promote Better Patient Care

McMurray Stern can accommodate anything from small medical supplies to large equipment. In addition, we customize storage solutions for each healthcare facility while ensuring your space meets the specific requirements of the healthcare industry (i.e., infection control and HIPAA compliance). 

The Benefits of McMurray Stern’s Storage Solutions

We offer storage solutions for the healthcare industry that help with the following:

  • Simplifying Material Management
  • Improving Patient Experience
  • Increasing Response Times
  • Maximizing Storage Capacity
  • Added Security & Traceability
  • Optimizing Space
  • Environments Needing Temperature-Control
  • Configurability & Scalability

Patient Care Storage Options

Whether your space is at a premium or you need more organization to optimize patient care, we have healthcare storage solutions that can help, including:

  • Modular Bin Shelving
  • Hospital Bed Storage
  • Materials Carts
  • Modular Labs
  • Sterile Storage

Proper healthcare storage is essential for promoting patient care, controlling costs, and maximizing space. Healthcare storage solutions from McMurray Stern provide the flexibility, configurability, and functionality needed to meet the unique needs of each healthcare facility. Whether you’re looking to streamline inventory processes, improve patient care, or save space, McMurray Stern has a healthcare storage solution that can help. Contact us today for a free consultation and get started designing your unique solution: https://mcmurraystern.com/free-consultation/

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