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McMurray Stern Form MSI Automate Following the Acquisition of Invata

January 30, 2024, Santa Fe Spring, CA — McMurray Stern Inc., a leading provider of specialty storage and workspace solutions, proudly announces the formation of MSI Automate, a market-leading warehouse automation, robotics, and logistics division. This milestone follows McMurray Stern’s acquisition of the assets of Invata Intralogistics, which leverages the strengths of both entities.

The acquisition acted as the driving force behind the formation of MSI Automate, ushering in a transformative chapter that solidifies our dedication to providing innovative solutions in the logistics automation sector. MSI Automate is set to redefine industry standards with a focus on AI, robotics, and automation. With the acquisition, MSI Automate is now positioned to serve these great Fortune 500 companies across the technology, industrial, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, 3PL, and life sciences industries.

The transaction included the sale of all assets from Invata to McMurray Stern Inc. This strategic transaction, executed through Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, was completed in December 2023.

Invata, renowned for its industry-leading expertise in warehouse and fulfillment solutions, brings a breadth of knowledge in customized goods-to-person systems, order picking and fulfillment technologies, auxiliary fulfillment innovations, and a proprietary AI-powered software suite. This synergy positions MSI Automate as a powerhouse capable of providing end-to-end solutions that optimize operational processes, resource utilization, and overall efficiency.

“With the formation of MSI Automate, we are excited to synergize the formidable strengths of McMurray Stern and Invata, presenting our clients with unparalleled logistics automation solutions,” expressed Kenny De Angelis, President at McMurray Stern Inc. “This transformative venture not only signifies a substantial expansion of our capabilities but also underscores our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in the field. In pioneering this dedication, we have proudly inaugurated the first-ever Tech Center on the West Coast. This Tech Center offers customers an immersive, hands-on experience to deeply comprehend technology within the realm of warehouse automation. Boosting a repertoire of working automation solutions featuring articulated and mobile robots, the Tech Center positions McMurray Stern and MSI Automate at the forefront of warehouse automation innovation.”

Invata’s years of success in the logistics sector and McMurray Stern’s leadership in specialty storage and workspaces create a unique synergy that positions MSI Automate as a comprehensive solution provider for a diverse group of industries.

MSI Automate offers advanced goods-to-person systems, state-of-the-art order-picking and fulfillment solutions, robotics, and an array of auxiliary technologies—all powered by an innovative AI-driven software suite. This comprehensive suite of services ensures that clients benefit from a seamless, end-to-end logistics automation experience.

The acquisition and subsequent launch of MSI Automate represents McMurray Stern’s strategic vision for growth and innovation in the logistics sector. By combining expertise, resources, and technology, MSI Automate aims to redefine industry standards and elevate the efficiency of warehouse and fulfillment operations with the use of robotics and automation. 

For more information about MSI Automate and McMurray Stern Inc., please visit
www.msi-automate.com and www.mcmurraystern.com 

About McMurray Stern Inc.:

McMurray Stern Inc. is a leading provider of specialty storage and workspace solutions, catering to commercial, government, and military installations. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, McMurray Stern delivers customized storage solutions to optimize space utilization and enhance operational efficiency.

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