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Lincoln Citizen: Cold Storage Solutions

A version of this article was published on Lincoln Citizen featuring McMurray Stern.

“While it may seem overwhelming to consider making a faculty completely autonomous, McMurray Stern ensures that clients will never be overwhelmed by the task. “Our fully integrated design-build process ensures projects are professionally managed from concept to execution so you have an improved workflow and can more efficiently manage your time, space, materials, and information,” Stern’s website states.

McMurray Stern spokesperson reassures those who may be feeling stress from the idea of turning their faculties into autonomous ones, “A common misconception in cold storage warehouses is that the increasing demand for cold storage logistics facilities requires a lot of space. In reality, there are solutions and storage products that can help optimize the space you already have by increasing automation, efficiency, and flexibility in your warehouse.”

Take McMurray Stern’s Cold Chain Storage as an example of the solutions they can provide. In recent years, many markets have seen an increase in frozen and cold storage, which has led to an increased need for cold storage holding areas, facilities, and options for online grocery orders.”

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A version of this article was published on Lincoln Citizen featuring McMurray Stern.