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Increase Warehouse Efficiency by 300% With an Automated E-Pick System

Manufacturing and distribution facilities need system logistics that allow employees to work quickly and accurately to fulfill orders. E-Pick is a revolutionary and innovative storage solution that uses advanced technology to offer warehouses an automated system that can help increase productivity. This blog post will explore the advantages of an E-Pick system, the varying components, and ways to increase efficiency in your warehouse by up to 300%. 

Advantages of Utilizing an E-Pick System

Picking tasks in warehouse logistics can be more cost-effective and efficient with E-Pick stand-alone solutions. The E-Pick system offers a diverse range of options for transferring products and order data. It is easy to parameterize the order processing, and no in-house programmer is needed, as it is very user-friendly. Operations teams experience significantly reduced error rates, and pickings are traceable. Equipping your warehouse with Pick-by-Light systems improves pick quality, increases performance, and saves over 50% more time than warehouses without E-Pick systems. All these advantages provide you with improved overall accuracy and efficiency.

Order Data & WMS Integrations


McMurray Stern is your single point of contact from start to finish to ensure a smooth design-build and installation process. We work directly with SSI Schaefer to seamlessly integrate E-Pick systems into warehouses in the Southern California area to facilitate greater productivity. As we design your system, we may integrate line cables/controllers, PBL rails, distributor cables, rail connectors/extension cables, rail construction sets, scanners, cable ducts, and more, depending on your unique needs.

Order Data & WMS

We can connect your E-Pick to your existing Warehouse Management System (WMS). Knowing how to properly exchange order data is crucial for companies that must process many orders quickly and efficiently. E-Pick systems can exchange data via an XLM file or web service, connect to an SQL database, or directly integrate with your SAP interface. Even more importantly, the key component to this exchange is the touch panel PC that helps organize these processes and provides instructions for personnel that carry out the tasks appropriately. With this combination of technology and manpower resources, order data can be exchanged quickly and accurately.

E-Pick System Components that Increase Efficiency

Pick Faces

We can select pre-installed Pick-by-Light (PBL) rails with the corresponding quantity of Pick Faces. We can also install additional Pick Faces and add them to the rail. The cabling of the pre-installed rail is designed so that you can add up to six Pick Faces.

E-Pick Customized PBL Rails

We can help you design customized Pick by Light rails with rail construction sets and the corresponding number of Pick Faces. Our team will measure the total length of the picking locations (shelves, pallets, etc.) and order the corresponding number of construction set rails for the total length, cut the rail to the required length and equip them with Pick Face cables, end pieces and one Pick Face per storage location.

Line Cables

A line cable can be used to connect the Pick Faces to the Line Controller – up to 50 Pick Faces in each block can be supplied. The sample warehouse consists of four logical blocks that are supplied with one line cable in the respective length, always in the bottom right-hand corner.

E-Pick Distributor Cables & Connecting Cables

The distributor cable connects the line cable to the individual PBL rails on the shelves. Connecting cables are used to enable the supply from one rail to the next one.

Line Controllers

Divide the number of line cables or blocks by five to get your warehouse’s required quantity of Line Controllers.

Order an E-Pick System Touch Panel

This touch panel is already supplied with a switch. We can connect a maximum of 4 Line Controllers to the touch panel by means of the Ethernet switch.

Is an E-Pick System Right For You?

E-Pick is the perfect solution for smaller workstations that require quick turnaround and flexibility when adapting to new changes in production. E-Pick is ideal for a production center with up to 800 products and is capable of autonomous offline picking and assembly cells, making it a great option for the smaller warehouse as well. The ability to react to modifications quickly makes this system even more efficient.
Investing in an E-Pick solution would be wise for any business looking to optimize their pick and assemble operations. If the E-Pick matches what you’re looking for, our storage solution experts would love to discuss it with you further. Schedule a free consultation at: https://mcmurraystern.com/free-consultation/

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