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How to Make the Most of a Small Office Space: Modular Office Storage Systems

Trying to find enough office space is a big problem for many businesses, especially when it’s a small business with growing pains. Your business is perhaps stuck in a small office now, and you see no immediate horizons on being able to expand or move.

What can you do when you need extra storage space and have no other options? The best solution is to use some ingenuity and find resourceful storage options.

One solution you’ll appreciate is a modular office storage system. These help give you the feel of a larger office without having to take up so much floor space. Take a look at the design of these and why they’ve become so popular.

Changing How You Perceive Office Space

The perception behind office space often goes by attitude, as well as your interior decorating. Many note things like lighting, artwork placement, and furniture placement all matter in how your employees and clients view your space.

Modular office storage systems work on the concept of furniture design and provide storage with a custom aesthetic to match your environment.

Some examples include modular drawer systems, and modular bin shelving to help change your view on how storage works. It’s even possible to use modular millwork to help organize things for you in places like mailrooms or laboratories.

 What Are the Benefits to Modular Drawer Systems?

The great thing about modular drawer systems is in how you can keep adding on to them without having to take up extra space.

These work as cabinets that can stand alone, or as stacked groups of cabinets. Both choices provide a flexible way to hold multiple items in a cabinet while offering reasonable sizes from what you’d find in elaborate storage systems. Even bulky file cabinets can finally become eliminated from your office space forever in favor of these alternatives.

Modular drawer systems provide even more benefit because you can find them in different shapes and sizes. Heights go anywhere from 36″ to 48″. You’re given depth options as well so you can better estimate how they’ll be placed within your office. Depths range from 18″ up to 24″.

It’s even possible to make these compatible with shelving systems you already use. What really makes these stand out, though, is the ability to add customized compartments to store and organize virtually anything.

Using Modular Bin Shelving

 The ingenious design of modular bin shelving has already helped many offices find unique ways to store things in a more efficient way.

This shelving type works by creating a unique rail system with bins and shelves hanging on a horizontal rail. The rails are easily adjustable so you can create a different method to the storage: either horizontal or sloped.

Other customization includes different shelf shape options, plus using hanging bins or wire baskets.

You can even find bin shelving in more economical shapes like high-density options for skinny aisles. Bin shelving on wheels is also available so you can move things around at will when needing extra space for another work activity.

 Using Modular Millwork for More Efficient Storage

A lot of small offices turn to modular millwork, bringing numerous storage systems without having to resort to traditional millwork with no customization.

Since this falls under furniture, you can design base cabinets, sorters, wall-hung cabinets, and worktables for any particular office quarters. To help you bring a strong aesthetic quality to your storage, you can add various finishes, colors, and surfaces to match your interior design.

It helps to work with a provider or designer taking sustainability seriously so you can reconfigure your modular storage when it’s necessary.

If you’re in the market for new storage solutions for your business, McMurray Stern is happy to offer free space assessments. Let us show you how our storage solutions can meet your business needs. Give us a call today at 800-342-8994

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