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How Can a Modular Storage System Benefit Your Business?

Storage plays an integral role in the success of a business as your capabilities to quickly store and retrieve your raw materials, goods, files, widgets, tools, bug spray…directly affect many departments. Whether you are a fledgling business quickly outgrowing your existing space or a seasoned corporation with plenty of square footage and looking to maximize capacity, a modular storage system tailored to your needs is the ideal solution. Check out the benefits a modular storage system can provide.

Increased Productivity

When there’s a space for everything and everything is in its space, it’s a lot easier to find what you need when you need it. Adjusting the layout of products, tools or materials can decrease excessive movement by employees to retrieve items. By reducing the time spent locating an item, either due to increased organization or due to the storage system’s ease of use, employees are able to complete their jobs effectively and efficiently.

Furthermore, all businesses are required to keep a lot of paperwork. Modular storage systems can be of use in saving everything from financial records to safety inspection checklists. Placing the proper bookkeeping with individual parts or in its own system can make it easier to acquire when it’s needed.

Utilize Space Appropriately

When running a business, space is a significant cost factor. Having more than you need is unnecessarily expensive while not having enough leads to a more stressful work environment. Choosing the proper storage system makes good use of the space available, whether that means taking advantage of the vertical space in a room, using mobile shelving or reconfiguring your existing storage system for better organization. Larger capacity storage can allow both small and large items to be stored together, freeing up more floor space and changing the atmosphere of a room.

Cleaner, Safer Work Environment

With a suitable place for inventory and business supplies in relation to how often they’re accessed and the equipment needed to access them, safety is improved. This is especially important in businesses where multiple employees and even customers are accessing storage all day. A professional modular storage system will help the business meet OSHA’s occupational safety standards. They prevent tripping hazards and pest harborage and make it easier to evacuate in case of a fire.

Cleaner surroundings will leave a positive impression on customers, employees, and any inspectors that may need to enter the business. With color options to coordinate with your existing office setting and the resulting clutter-free appearance, your business is one they will remember.

Secure Products, Parts, Etc.

Accurately securing your business’s assets prevents theft and damage, including total loss from unforeseen events such as fire and water disasters. The less often something has to be moved, the less likely it will be damaged. When space has already been assigned in the storage system, incoming materials can be put away immediately. Locking mechanisms can be added to ensure only authorized individuals have access. Additionally, storage can be modified for a specific product, ensuring that even while it’s stored, its condition will not deteriorate.

Modular Storage For Better Inventory

Precise inventory keeps your business running smoothly. An organized storage solution makes stock records simple. Additionally, inventory tracking systems are available to assist when real-time inventory tracking is necessary. Keeping records accurate ensures that the supplies and products you need are always stocked at suitable levels.

Customer Satisfaction

Less time spent retrieving products and paperwork can also correspond to an increase in customer satisfaction. When they are receiving properly stored, intact products and timely service, customers become repeat customers.

If you’re in the market for new storage solutions for your business, McMurray Stern is happy to offer free space assessments. Let us show you how our storage solutions can meet your business needs. Give us a call today at 800-342-8994.

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