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Here’s How Our Athletic Lockers Can Work For You

No matter what sport it is, or what level it’s being played at, one of the biggest keys to success is organization. That starts in the locker room. Just as the way sports have been played over the years, so have athletic lockers.

Athletic equipment is vital for both performance and protection and should receive better care than being disorganized and crammed into a small box. McMurray Stern offers ways to make the most of your space in a multitude of ways and create an optimal, efficient locker room environment.

Mobile Shelving

For sports with large teams and limited space, static shelving offers zero flexibility. For these instances we can instead provide mobile rows of shelving that move on a sliding rail, making them an excellent option to help create extra room. We offer a variety of different handles as well, including the popular rotating spin handle which makes moving large and heavy shelves a breeze.

Organizing equipment

Different sports naturally have different storage needs and athletic lockers have become more functional and specifically customized to meet these demands. We provide specific innovations to best suit your locker room for whatever it’s used for.  Cantilever racks for hanging pads and high-density shelving for storing helmets and other accessories serve to keep your valuable equipment organized and in good condition.

Design and layout

As important as practicality is, customized design, color scheme and graphics can help take locker rooms to the next level, turning an athletic locker into a one of a kind experience. McMurray Stern has helped college and professional organizations design their storage systems to bring them closer to the school spirit.This is done not only to boost team morale, but to add incentive in the recruitment process. A strong recruiting system is essential for success at the college level and it has become a trend among the top college teams to use a dazzling, state-of-the art locker room as one of their selling points.

Security and Durability

While convenience and customization are valuable additions to any athletic locker, we never overlook the fundamental features such as protection and sturdiness. Our general purpose lockers supply M.I.G. welded 16-gauge steel bodies along with heavy-duty 14-gauge steel doors. Coupled with an integrated frame construction, they are built for long-lasting, dependable service.

Your items are given protection either in the form of traditional security such as keyhole or combination locks or through our advanced BeCode keyless locker system, which gives easy, high tech safety in the form of number pads, card scanning or cylinder locks.
Read more about our locker storage options here.


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No matter what sport it is, or what level it’s being played at, one of the biggest keys to success is organization. That starts in the...