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Gun Storage Solutions

Security and Efficiency: Prioritize Gun Storage Solutions for Your Organization

Consider what your organization’s needs may be in order to store and access weapons, accessories, and ammunition – all while ensuring the safety and security of these items. 

Organizations like police departments, emergency response teams, and military installations need to have safe and space-efficient options for gun storage.

Proper Gun Storage Prioritizes Safety

One undeniable benefit of an effective gun storage solution is increased safety.  Safe gun storage is a critical part of ensuring that firearms don’t end up in the wrong hands.

Making sure that your organization has an efficient and secure gun storage solution in place can help enable and empower your members to safely access these valuable assets.

Space Saving Is Cost Saving

Often, the organizations with the highest need for weapons storage are also those that are most cost-constrained. 

Implementing a space-efficient storage solution can help these resource-constrained organizations optimize their budgets.  A space-saving system allows for a smaller physical imprint, reducing warehouse costs and also improving operating costs. Additionally, having easily accessible gun storage systems ensures that weapons will be securely stored, saving them from unnecessary wear and tear.

Types of Gun Storage Solutions

There are many safe, fast, and innovative weapon storage systems for varied types of space-saving challenges.  Look for products that allow you to securely store hundreds of weapons, accessories, and ammunition without sacrificing space, flexibility, or accessibility.  Some products that accomodate different sizes and purposes, include:

  • Universal Weapons Rack (UWR): This rack can accommodate a variety of handguns, rifles, sidearms, and accessories all in one, secure location. Adjustable brackets and shelves allow you to customize the rack to suit your organization’s needs.  Weapons are securely stored as this rack prevents weapons form movement, vibration, shock, and abrasion. The UWRmini offers these same benefits in a more easily transportable form.
  • Wall and Floor Mounted Gun Lockers: These lockers are perfect for areas that require temporary handgun storage, providing maximum safety.  Depending on your organization’s needs, you can configure these lockers for handgun only storage or a combination of handgun and long gun storage.
  • Portable Weapons Storage: Guns are not effective tools for police and emergency responders if they can’t bring them with them.  Portable weapon storage solutions are perfect for transporting handguns or confiscated weapons. These portable guns safeguard against damage while also employing a push-button lock that ensures security.

At McMurray Stern, we are able to work with you to combine our different products to create the ideal solution, tailored to your organization.  If you need more information or assistance in selecting the right gun storage solutions for your organization, contact us for a free design consultation today.

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