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Global Business Chronicle: From Concept to Evaluation, McMurray Stern Is There Every Step of the Way for Its Customer’s Projects

A version of this article was published in the Global Business Chronicle, featuring McMurray Stern.

“McMurray Stern ensures success in everything that they accomplish. They use multiple teams of people for each project. Team members include design consultants, architects, real estate agents, and more. Using a big team that covers all of the bases assures that the outcome will be perfect to the customer.

McMurray Stern works for a variety of customers, including agriculture, business offices, healthcare, manufacturing, museums, public safety, military/government, libraries, athletics, grocery stores, and retail. Some of their biggest customers include Oakley, Kaiser Permanente, BBraun and Amgen.

One of their larger storage solutions-customers is in the cannabis industry. Since it has been newly legalized in dozens of states, they are in need of expanding and developing. In the cannabis business, most grow facilities are limited by a horizontal design. At McMurray Stern, they can integrate mobile and vertical growth systems that allow for proper irrigation and lighting while, at the same time, saving on space and energy.”

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