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Choosing Art Storage Racks, Cabinets and Other Museum Storage Systems

Choosing Art Storage Racks, Cabinets, and Other Museum Storage Systems

A common misunderstanding of the word “storage” is that it is a passive, hard-to-access, collection of goods– a place where things you rarely use are placed so that they are hidden until further notice. For those who work in museums or galleries, though, art storage racks are temporary holding zones for collections that will be shown at a later date.

We don’t think about it, but museums and art collections are constantly adding new art and artifacts to their collection, yet the space these organizations occupy does not change. The amount of goods is expected to increase, but the roof they are under stays the same. Implementing more efficient art storage racks and museum storage is the best bet to prepare for this uphill battle of fitting more stuff in the same amount of space.

Types of Art Storage Racks Solutions

Preserve your floor space and your art collections with several of McMurray Stern’s art storage solutions. All of which feature low vibration, sway prevention and controlled deceleration to keep priceless art and artifacts secure yet easy-to-access. 

  • Lateral art storage racks: Art storage racks on compact, mobile storage help save space while allowing full accessibility when needed. Double-sided wire mesh is flush with the frame on both sides, offering unlimited flexibility to how artwork is arranged.
  • Pull-out artwork storage rack: An overhead track allows each row to be easily accessed for retrieval or rearrangement.
  • Art storage cabinets: You may need wide-span shelving or shelving units with doors and drawers. Depending on the materials you are storing, you can custom design your equipment to meet the specific needs of your collection and your institution.

Read more about McMurray Stern’s art storage solutions and download informational brochures here

Types of Museum Storage Systems

Organization is critical to keeping a museum functioning efficiently. Proper museum cabinets create a way to preserve, conserve and protect artifacts, specimens. Museum storage cabinets combined with high-density mobile storage is the best way to achieve optimal storage in limited space.

  • Museum storage cabinets: Flat file drawers, pull-out drawers with gliding telescopic-ball-bearing extensions, removable trays and double-hinge doors are just some of the many available configurations. They are approved and proven for museum and archival institution use, with solvent-free, non-reactive baked polyester powder coating.
  • High-density mobile storage: These mobile storage systems eliminate unnecessary aisles and create one or more movable aisles instead. Fewer fixed aisles mean more available space.

Read more about McMurray Stern’s museum storage systems and download a brochure for more information here

Why You Need Proper Art Storage Racks or Museum Cabinets

Sensitive items like the art and artifacts found in museums need the correct storage units to optimize preservation. Oftentimes art needs to be hung up on art storage racks when it isn’t on display and fossils and pottery items need to be placed in ample space that will not be jostled. Depending on the materials you are storing, visibility and security are always top of mind, and since those can be difficult to achieve in limited storage spaces, art storage solutions and museum storage cabinets are key.

Learn more about how art storage solutions can preserve your space and collection by contacting a McMurray Stern representative today. Call 800-342-8994 or send us an email.

Choose the Art Storage Racks, Cabinets & Other Museum Storage System that works for you

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