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Cantilever Shelves: The Limitless Features & Benefits for Your Library and More

If your collection or inventory is in desperate need of organization and an aesthetic update, cantilever shelving may be just the remedy you are looking for. Used in academic, corporate, library, and office settings, cantilever racks are highly versatile, ruggedly durable, and easily reconfigured to suit your every need.

Features of Cantilever Shelving

Limitless Shelving Options

Because cantilever shelving racks come in both stationary and mobile options with a vast array of accessories, the customization options are limitless. You can adapt your shelving units to suit your needs at that moment and then reorganize it when your needs change. Some accessory options include:

  • Zig-zag display backstop
  • Fixed display shelf
  • Steel book supports
  • Pull-out reference shelf
  • Periodical display shelf
  • Multimedia browsing box
  • Multimedia shelf
  • Hanging wire support
  • Media bag rack
  • Flat storage shelf
  • Integral low-back dividers
  • Sloped adjustable shelves with integral low-back
  • Aisle identification options
  • Canopy lights
  • Offset center stops

Heavy-Duty Construction

Cantilever shelving racks are stable, durable, and functional. They are made to withstand seismic activity, constant reconfiguration, and heavy usage in warehouse and library settings. These shelving units can also be outfitted with anti-tip protection because of their usage in high-traffic settings. The overhead devices can be used on both the mobile and stationary shelving units and floor anchored to meet seismic regulations in areas that may get earthquakes.

Ease of Reconfiguration and Expansion

Cantilever shelving and racks are made to grow and change to suit. They are easy to assemble, disassemble, and reassemble. The shelves and accessories are conveniently reconfigured. Your library, inventory or collection is constantly changing, why should it be difficult to change your display shelving too?

Design Options for Every Style

Cantilever shelving units are available in a wide array of powder-coat paint finishes that are incredibly durable. The paint finishes are scuff, scratch, and chip resistant while maintaining their beauty. Your design options do not end there; you can choose sign holders and end panel materials and finishes that will match any décor or design plan. The end panels are removable and replaceable, so when your designs change, you do not have to replace your entire units.

Benefits of Cantilever Shelving

You Can Store Items That are Difficult to Shelve

Because cantilever shelving’s options are virtually limitless, you can shelve items that you previously thought were impossible, freeing up valuable and cluttered floor space. These racks and shelves are perfect for long and thin items like beams, pipes, furniture, oddly shaped boxes, books, etc. Practically everything is able to be shelved with cantilever units.

Ease of Access and Reconfiguration

With cantilever shelving, you can see all of your inventory. Nothing is buried, shoved against a wall, or requires heavy equipment to gain access to, instead it is all displayed within easy access and within your view. This arrangement makes it easy to take inventory and easy to see and reach products. Because the shelves are designed for versatility, you do not have to tirelessly shift your inventory or collection around to match your shelving units. Your cantilever shelves move to fit your things. Simply move a shelf and you don’t have to reconfigure your entire inventory for one product.

Save Money

Cantilever shelves are designed for durability and customization. No longer do you have to buy an entirely new shelving unit when you obtain inventory that doesn’t fit your shelves. Just reconfigure your shelves to fit your new collection. This can save you huge amounts of money in the long run.

If you are interested in learning how cantilever shelving can reinvigorate your library, office, warehouse, museum, pharmacy, theater, etc., contact one of our expert design consultants today.

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