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Best Methods of Weapon Storage

Whatever your weapon storage needs, it’s important to consider five factors to determine the best method of weapon storage for you. Portability, storage density, flexibility, accessibility, and security all need to be examined in order to find your ideal method of weapon storage.

Best types of weapon storage

For operations that require weapon to be transported, it’s important to have a storage method that is easily portable while still keeping your weapon secure. The Portable Gun Safe utilizes interior cushions to keep your weapon from being jostled or damaged during transport. Additionally, the safe can be attached to the inner wall of the transport vehicle with an optional retainer. The safe itself still manages to be lightweight to ensure mobility when being carried by hand.

When looking to transfer a high volume of weapons, it’s important to find a shipping container that prioritizes the safety of the weapons. Made of heavy duty steel, the Universal Expeditionary Weapon Storage System (UEWSS), uses straps to keep weapon storage in place during the shipping process. In addition, the UEWSS is able to store other goods such as repair parts and even shelving to account for specialized weapon types.

Storage Density
Locations that require a large number of weapons need weapon storage that effectively makes use of their space. Luckily, several high-density storage systems can be combined with various methods of weapon storage to keep storage secure and efficient. Standard weapon racks can be combined with high-density storage to double available space while still being tailored to weapon storage. As with standard high-density storage, this form of weapon storage makes use of aisle space while maintaining accessibility.

As is the case with any form of storage, weapon storage requires a certain degree of flexibility so storage can be adjusted for individual weapons. Storage solutions like the Universal Weapons Rack (UWR) are designed with this flexibility in mind. The UWR uses adjustable shelving and brackets to store weapons regardless of make or size. This also allows many weapons to remain assembled while in storage in instances where quick access is necessary.

When not in transport, access to weapons becomes an important factor in weapon storage. High security locations that need weapons to be accessible in the case of emergency need storage that can be reached quickly without compromising security. Locations like these can benefit from storage solutions like the UWR that allow assembled weapons to be stored or high-density storage that prioritizes easy accessibility.

In situations that need temporary storage, wall and floor mounted gun lockers are a simple but secure method of weapon storage. Gun lockers utilize neoprene-lined shelves to reduce noise and weapon damage. Additionally, gun lockers have multiple locking options that best fit the operation’s needs.

Security is an ever present concern when looking into weapon storage. Ultimately, security in weapon storage is the result of keeping accessibility limited and ensuring the weapons are kept safe from damage. In both cases, security should be tailored based upon storage needs. For example, keeping weapons damage free from transport and difficult to access to prevent threat is one way of ensuring security. In another situation, weapon security may be restricting access to certain personnel and custom storage based on weapon type.

Identifying the best method of weapon storage for you is an essential part of managing weapons stock. Storing weapons in an inefficient or unsafe way can result in injury or lost time. By carefully breaking down what factors are required for successful weapon storage in your business, you can limit liability and ensure the weapons’ longevity.

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