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Automation Seeks a Larger Role in Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have always been at the forefront of innovation, striving to improve patient care and develop life-saving treatments. Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) are rapidly evolving and seeking larger roles in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, revolutionizing how healthcare is delivered, drugs are developed, and patient outcomes are improved.

Exploring ASRS Impact in Key Areas in Healthcare

Adopting automated systems in healthcare and pharmaceuticals is driven by several factors, including efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. Let’s explore where ASRS is making large strides in healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Enhanced Inventory Management with ASRS

Accurate and efficient inventory management is vital in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, where product integrity and patient safety are significant. ASRS systems, particularly Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) and robotics have redefined inventory management by automating the storage, retrieval, and tracking of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.

Streamlined Healthcare Order Fulfillment

ASRS systems are invaluable in streamlining the order fulfillment process. With the demand for timely and accurate deliveries, storage solutions offer several advantages, from moving medications to picking medical supplies accurately.

Increased Medication Safety

Patient safety is a top priority in healthcare, and ASRS technologies significantly reduce medication errors. ASRS solutions can verify medications against prescriptions, ensuring the correct dosage and medication are administered to patients. They also have the ability to track expiration dates, preventing the use of expired drugs.

Cost-Effectiveness of Healthcare ASRS Solutions

Automated storage and retrieval solutions allow healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to reduce operational costs without compromising quality.


ASRS systems minimize the need for manual labor in tasks like inventory management and order fulfillment. This reduces labor costs, improves productivity, and allows staff to focus on more critical patient care tasks.

Space Optimization

ASRS makes the most efficient use of your current storage space, reducing the need for large storage facilities and associated expenses.

Reduced Errors

Automation reduces the likelihood of costly errors, such as waste or medication mix-ups, which can result in legal liabilities and costly recalls.

Improved Patient Care

With ASRS systems handling repetitive and time-consuming tasks, healthcare workers have more time to focus on direct patient interaction. This leads to improved patient engagement and care, better communication, and retention.

McMurray Stern’s ASRS Solutions for the Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Industry

Robotics in Healthcare

McMurray Stern’s HAIPICK robot offers improved operational efficiency with high stability and precision, replacing labor-intensive manual storage and handling tasks. It’s a versatile solution applicable to various industries, boosting storage density and efficiency by 80%-130% while delivering a 3-4x increase in operational efficiency, leading to a rapid return on investment (ROI).

Robotic solutions excel in sorting and organizing medications, ensuring that the right drugs are available when needed. These robots work 24/7, reducing human errors and minimizing the risk of medication mix-ups.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are also a great solution within healthcare facilities. McMurray Stern’s Addverb AMRs can autonomously transport items from storage to the desired location, enhancing order fulfillment efficiency while reducing human labor and error.


McMurray Stern’s vertical lifts offer an optimal storage solution for industrial products, components, and spare parts across various industries, chosen by numerous companies to enhance workflow efficiency. VLMs feature a highly convenient goods-to-person principle, compact design with economic and environmental benefits, and exceptional storage density for small parts, requiring minimal training for operation while promoting automation and improved ergonomics.

Vertical Lift Modules optimize storage space, allowing healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations to manage drugs, medical equipment, and supplies efficiently. They provide real-time tracking, ensuring that items are always accessible, reducing waste, and improving inventory control.

Healthcare Picking Solutions

In collaboration with SSI SCHAEFER, McMurray Stern addresses the high costs and labor-intensive nature of goods picking in warehouses and distribution centers by providing an extensive selection of picking systems. These systems streamline operations, reducing manual tasks and enabling faster and more efficient order processing.

Advanced picking solutions, often integrated with robotics, use computer vision and machine learning to accurately pick and pack medications and supplies. This speeds up the order fulfillment process and ensures the right items are delivered, enhancing patient care.

Explore McMurray Stern’s State-of-the-Art Tech Center

McMurray Stern is excited to offer a revolutionary new Tech Center where people from all industries, including healthcare and pharmaceuticals, can see the power of automation. Our Tech Center showcases various robotics, picking solutions, and VLMs in action as people have the opportunity to hear expert insights from our storage solutions experts.

Contact us to schedule your visit in Santa Fe, CA, today!

As automation plays a larger role in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, the benefits of increased accuracy, efficiency, and cost savings highlight the importance of embracing ASRS. The collaboration between humans and automation will be key to achieving the full potential of healthcare organizations and patient care.

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