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Why the Lift & Run “Stacks Up” for Food & Beverage Distributors

The Lift & Run is the latest automated storage and retrieval technology making waves in various sectors of distribution and manufacturing. In particular, the Lift & Run is getting “high” praise from the food and beverage industry, and here’s why.

High Dynamic Pallet Handling

This modern and economic solution is perfect for high dynamic pallet handling. The ability to stack large pallets vertically, retrieve with accuracy, and move quickly is critically important for food and beverage distributors. The Lift & Run requires little energy and works well in small spaces. 

This helps cut costs, enhance throughput, and increase storage capacity. 

Stack Devices & Seamlessly Integrate 

The Lift & Run operates seamlessly in a channel storage system with flexible channel vehicles making it an ideal integration for the food and beverage industry.

The Lift & Run system also runs on two rails and does not require any upper guide rails which allows you to stack similar devices on top of it to meet your specific requirements. When stacked, the feeding and retrieval of the pallets is done via vertical lifts; the system can be effectively heightened and the efficiency of the logistic solution can be increased.

Cold & Deep-Freeze Applications

Food and beverage typically requires temperature controlled storage. The Lift & Run is suitable for both cold and deep-freeze applications to meet the high demands of cold supply chain management. Using automated solutions like the Lift & Run system, McMurray Stern has helped clients get control of their cold and deep-freeze supply chain from storage to picking and shipment.

Additionally, the Lift & Run’s cold and deep-freeze applications can remove your employees altogether or reduce their amount of time spent in a climate controlled storage area. This has been shown to result in fewer employee sick days and increase productivity.

Is the Lift & Run Right for Your Industry?

The Lift & Run is not exclusive to food and beverage. It can add great value to many industry supply chains by improving logistics, increasing speed, and accuracy. So if you’ve thought about automation for your business and are looking at options specifically for pallet handling or cold storage, the Lift & Run is certainly worth your investment. 

Lift & Run Benefits at a Glance

  • Low weight 
  • Energy-efficient drives 
  • Economic design of lift drive with multiple levels 
  • Lifting carriage with flexible Orbiter channel vehicle
  • High machine safety thanks to integrated hydraulics buffer for lifting movements 
  • Hydraulic buffer for travel 
  • Separated pallet conveying system levels for storage and retrieval possible 
  • Modular principle, compact and scalable 
  • Highly effective vertical dynamics despite moderate drive performance

Let’s Talk!

McMurray Stern consultants are ready to answer your questions and explore the Lift & Run, and other automated storage solutions, for your operation. You can read more about the Lift & Run here.

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The Lift & Run is the latest automated storage and retrieval technology making waves in various sectors of distribution and...