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What should you consider when upgrading to commercial metal shelving?

One of the biggest struggles with commercial shelving is the wide variety of products being stored, and the variety of requirements it brings with them. A good idea to help streamline your storage issues and ensure all of your space is being used to the best of your ability is to review your most popular inventory and make note of where it’s being kept. Can you use your pallet racks more effectively? Can you free up some space on them? Are your goods protected and organized and can the shelves withstand the goods you are storing?

It is a smart idea to review your storage options and see how you can use the valuable real estate in your warehouse. If your findings lead you to consider purchasing new or more metal shelving the following tips may help you with your decision.

Consider The Floor Space Layout For Commercial Metal Shelving

Warehouse layout directly affects the day-to-day efficiency of any business operation, from manufacturing and assembly to order fulfillment and more. Warehouse planning is essential to a smooth daily workflow so it is a best practice to have a solid plan in writing before you set up a single shelf.

To determine the storage space you need, and the shelving or other storage units you’ll use, you first need to consider what you’re storing. This will dictate the type of storage you need to plan for in your warehouse layout. It also dictates the space you need to allow in and around storage areas. Think about aisle widths between shelving and clearance areas for moving goods in and out of storage.Metal Shelving centralize your inventory and materials to recover floor space in your facility. Click below to learn more about metal shelving storage systems…

Determine The Weight Of The Items To Be Stored.

This should come as a no surprise, but when deciding on the perfect metal shelving unit for you business, you must ensure that every shelf is strong enough to withstand the weight of the products you are storing. It is a good idea to overestimate the needed weight capacity of your shelves in the event of future changes to your inventory.

Selecting Used Metal Shelves Isn’t Always The Right Choice.

Buying used shelves may seem like a cost-saving decision, but when you consider what it would take to disassemble, deliver and re-assemble the price is comparable to new shelves. And with new shelves, you are buying into the reliability the more current product. When making a large purchase it is wise to consider the longevity of the materials you are buying. Starting with new shelves will extend the life of your investment.

Think About How The Metal Shelves Will Hold Up In A Disaster Situation.

It’s not something anyone enjoys thinking about, but emergencies and accidents are an unfortunate fact of life for any business owner. For warehouses that deal in long-term product and inventory storage, disasters can be particularly negative for both daily operations and your bottom line.

Things like fire or electrical outage are things that any warehouse might encounter, but some other emergencies might depend on your geographic location. Your shelves need to be strong enough to withstand the weather events that are likely to occur in your area such as earthquakes.  Ask your supplier for specifics about preparing for disasters. For example, McMurray Stern offers a comprehensive ongoing preventative maintenance plan to ensure prolonged, dependable performance of your equipment investment.Click some of the photos below to see commercial metal shelving in different facilities. What type of metal shelving should you consider for your space? Call us!

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One of the biggest struggles with commercial shelving is the wide variety of products being stored, and the variety of requirements it...