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Transforming Museum Storage Solutions for the Future

The field of museum storage solutions is constantly advancing, driven by emerging technologies, innovative designs, and a deep understanding of the changing needs of museums in the Southern California area. This blog will explore museum emerging trends for 2024 and McMurray Stern’s storage solution offerings.

3 Trends Expected for Museum Storage in 2024

1. Flexible Spaces and Modular Exhibitions

Scalability is about accommodating growth and adapting to changing exhibition requirements. Museums are exploring flexible exhibition spaces that can be easily reconfigured to showcase diverse collections and accommodate different exhibits. Modular structures and adaptable layouts allow museums to scale their exhibition spaces efficiently, making it easier to host temporary exhibits, collaborative projects, or events tailored to specific themes or audiences.

2. Climate-Controlled Museum Storage Innovations

Preservation of artifacts is a critical concern for museums. In 2024, we expect an increased emphasis on innovative climate-controlled storage solutions. This might involve using advanced HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, intelligent sensors, and other technologies to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels for different artifacts. Sustainable and energy-efficient storage solutions could also become a priority in line with broader environmental concerns.

3. Robotic Assistance in Storage Management

Integrating robotics and automation into various aspects of museum operations is also expected to be an emerging trend. In 2024, museums might explore using robotics for storage management tasks. This could include automated retrieval systems or robotic arms for delicate artifact handling. Robotics can enhance the efficiency of storage facilities, improve the safety of artifact handling, and provide museums with valuable data for collection management. 

Interested in how McMurray Stern’s robotic solutions can enhance your museum? Schedule a visit to our Tech Center to view our robotics in action: https://mcmurraystern.com/techcenter/ 

McMurray Stern’s Storage Solutions for The Museum

Museum Storage Cabinets

There’s a need for secure and adaptable storage solutions for museums. McMurray Stern’s museum storage cabinets are designed with meticulous attention to detail, incorporating locking glass doors, customizable drawer systems, and additional features tailored to the specific requirements of each facility. With solvent-free, non-reactive baked polyester powder coating, these cabinets provide optimal protection and preservation for valuable artifacts. McMurray Stern’s commitment to quality ensures that its cabinets are approved and proven for museum and archival institution use.

Innovative Art Storage Racks

Preserving and displaying fine art collections is a delicate task. McMurray Stern’s art storage racks offer a versatile and secure solution for museums. These racks are designed to maximize storage capacity, allowing museums to store twice as much compared to traditional methods. The unique design of these racks enables galleries and museums to hang artwork on both sides without interference, providing optimal accessibility and visibility. Whether installed as ceiling-mounted systems or combined with high-density mobile carriages, these art storage racks are tailored to meet the specific needs of each institution.

High-Density Mobile Storage Systems For the Museum

Space optimization and scalability are emerging trends and constant concerns for museums facing limited square footage. McMurray Stern addresses the challenge with high-density mobile storage systems. These systems enable museums to store a more significant number of items in less space. By utilizing mobile storage, museums can expand their storage capacity without compromising accessibility or security. Mobile storage considers the rapid growth of museum collections, and the storage solutions provide a flexible and future-proof approach to museum storage.

Archival Storage

As collections continue to expand, museums often require alternative storage methods. McMurray Stern offers X-Tend High Bay systems as a forward-thinking archival storage solution. These systems use vertical space, stretching the storage capacity from the ground to the ceiling. X-Tend High Bay systems provide compact storage options prioritizing space efficiency, protection, and accessibility. By embracing innovative technologies, McMurray Stern empowers museums to overcome space limitations and ensure the preservation of their collections for future generations.

Preserving Ancient History at Western Science: A McMurray Stern Case Study

The Western Science Center, a prominent museum and educational institution in Riverside County faced the challenge of organizing and storing a vast collection of ancient artifacts and fossils, totaling over 1 million items. Operating on an archaeological dig site, the center also functioned as a charter school for elementary students, necessitating efficient storage solutions. Additionally, the center’s commitment to LEED initiatives, which included environmentally friendly practices like solar panels and water-efficient appliances, presented complications. 

McMurray Stern addressed these challenges through its Design-Build process by proposing a superior design aligned with LEED initiatives. Our team installed motion-activated compactor lights to reduce energy consumption and devised a detailed rail system integrated with existing water pipes, navigating the complexity of the flooring. Despite the challenge of installing water pipes just below the surface, the project was successfully executed with meticulous planning and expertise, contributing to the Western Science Center’s status as the first LEED Platinum-certified museum in the country.

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The focus of a museum is to preserve and protect the objects entrusted to their care, and our mission is to help. Learn more about our secure museum and storage solutions by scheduling a free consultation with a storage solutions specialist: https://mcmurraystern.com/free-consultation/

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