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A version of this article was published in The Washington Mail, featuring McMurray Stern.

“McMurray Stern is a leading storage solutions company that aims to maximize and simplify its customers’ lives. Through their automated storage solutions, McMurray has risen to the top for creating solutions for their customers. By utilizing a design process that spans 40+ years of design, McMurray stands out amongst storage companies through their collaborations with big named customers.

Working alongside companies such as Oakley and Kaiser Permanente, McMurray has provided efficient solutions to maximize the storage capacity. This can be seen through an implication of angled shelves that has allowed easier access and storage of medical supplies at the Kaiser buildings. Through this revamped storage space, there is a reduction to the warehouse space that leaves room for improvement for the speed of product delivery–being easily accessible.

“Modular bin shelving can be accompanied with a high-density system to compress two rows of storage into one deeper space. When your space is at a premium this is the sterile storage system that will help most with organization and space-savings” McMurray Stern explained.

The McMurray Stern team is managed by those that supported the design and its process. Consisting of those that support the design, order placement, site meetings, installation, services, and maintenance process. As well as this, their installation and maintenance crew members are factory-trained employees of McMurray Stern.

Having such a dedicated team, there are multiple groups for each product to ensure the outcomes are perfect. The team is broken up into specific positions such as designers and architects. These teams work together to work on customers’ challenges and constraints in a quick and efficient method.”

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A version of this article was published in The Washington Mail, featuring McMurray Stern.