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The Robotics Revolution: Improve Speed & Accuracy In Your Warehouse With Robots

The COVID-19 pandemic increased customer expectation and demand for speed and accuracy in the delivery of goods. Even as businesses and restaurants begin to loosen pandemic restrictions, customer expectations have not changed. Post-pandemic demands for fast fulfillment in the warehouse and quicker delivery/pick-up options remain high for businesses across the nation. The “Robotics Revolution” is helping business owners find the solutions they need to keep pace, meet, and exceed customer demands. 

The Robotics Revolution

Companies large and small are turning to robots as a means to automate processes and tasks too difficult for warehouse workers. At the height of COVID-19, robots filled positions in both grocery and retail warehouses as in-person labor was restricted for health and safety. Robotics presented businesses with a user-friendly interface, automated processes, and an ability to push the limits on speed and accuracy. Many businesses discovered robotics to be the missing puzzle piece in their supply chain and are now adding robotic processes to their long-term growth strategy. The implementation of robots in their space helped keep businesses afloat and meet customer demands through challenging times.

Robots Won’t Affect Jobs

A typical hiring process at a company can take up to a month to interview and perform background checks. Although that sounds like a lot of time and money to miss out on in the warehouse, especially with customers pushing for quicker delivery, the hiring process is still necessary and warehouse workers are still largely needed.

Warehouses are still desperate for workers to keep up with demands, expectations, and processes. There are many jobs in the warehouse that robots can’t do including set up, pulling carts, semi-manual processes, picking and packing, and more. The goal of incorporating robots into warehouse operations should be to make certain processes quicker, safer, and more efficient, while filling tasks that can’t be filled by labor workers.

Meet Warehouse Expectations for Customer Demands With McMurray Stern

McMurray Stern has been partnering with businesses, manufacturers, distributors, and customers to provide storage solutions since 1980. In a new partnership with FANUC, McMurray Stern provides robotic solutions that will improve quality, throughput, and productivity in any space. 

“[We’re] very excited about our new partnership with FANUC America Corporation,” said Pat Fitzpatrick, V.P. of Sales & Marketing. “As an Authorized System Integrator, McMurray Stern will continue to grow our capabilities and solutions to our customers.”

We can help you strategically design streamlined, automated robotics processes in your warehouse. To learn more about how to implement robots into your operations and grow your warehouse with current space limitations, contact us!

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The COVID-19 pandemic increased customer expectation and demand for speed and accuracy in the delivery of goods. Even as businesses...