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Tech Zone Daily: How Storage Company McMurray Stern is Helping to Reinvent Grocery Shopping

A version of this article was published in the Tech Zone Daily featuring McMurray Stern.

“The demand for innovative storage solutions in warehouses has always been a must for companies, and for nearly 42 years now, McMurray Stern has been fulfilling that need. From businesses focused on industries such as agriculture, health care, manufacturing, distribution, business office, museums, public safety, military/ government, libraries, athletics, and retailers, McMurray Stern is the logical choice to turn to for reliable, affordable, personalized service. With its professionally managed design and build process and a wide variety of services like automated storage and retrieval, services & store, architecture & design, and static solutions, it’s easy to see why this is the case.

When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged and stay-at-home orders ensued, many consumers were left with a considerable amount of free time, leading to an increase in e-commerce demands; studies found that 55% of American consumers purchased more items via the internet than ever before. Yet, despite the high unemployment rates that emerged from the pandemic, the expectation of fast delivery times didn’t change, in fact, consumers desired even faster service. With 70% of US. customers expecting to receive their items within one week, companies struggled to respond accordingly. Even today, the demand for fast delivery hasn’t slowed down.

One industry that was hit harder than ever was grocery stores. Along with being a growing sector expected to reach 19.69 billion dollars by 2025, they faced a problem that needed quick and reliable answers: how to deliver food quickly and efficiently for those turning to online grocery shopping. Not only is food essential, but it’s also necessary to store food at the proper temperature so as to prevent sickness. Accordingly, grocery stores needed reliable cold storage solutions to fulfill this need, and luckily McMurray Stern was able to help. “

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