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Southern California Storage Company, McMurray Stern, is Ahead of the Game in Innovation

A version of this article was posted on Time Business News

Founded over 40 years ago, McMurray Stern has constantly been the top leader when it comes to innovation. With their cost-effective and high quality techniques, it is hard to choose any other company to work with when developing your storage solutions. Wanting their customers to know that they are a trustworthy, dedicated, and caring company, they treat every person and company that they work with the utmost respect and attention. 

With storage expertise in various industries, McMurray Stern has been able to gain the trust of companies like Oakley, Kaiser Permanente, BBraun, Amgen, and many more. Working with the agriculture, retail, microfulfillment, grocery, manufacturing, museum, government, and healthcare industries, McMurray Stern is constantly applying their vast knowledge to their work. 

Always wanting to improve themselves in order to keep up with the ever changing world, McMurray Stern is under constant development of fresh ideas on how to drive innovation further. Recently, the company came out with new automated systems that allow for quicker, more efficient ways of storing. 

“Our automated storage and retrieval products are designed to help you store and retrieve items and materials with improved accuracy and speed.” 

Comprised of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), Conveyors, VLMs (Vertical Lifts by McMurray Stern), Miniloads, Carousel Systems, Shuttle Systems, Picking Systems, Cranes, and Lift & Run Machines, McMurray Stern’s automated systems are geared towards helping a diverse array of industries. 

Their “fully integrated design-build process [also] ensures projects are professionally managed from concept to execution so you have an improved workflow and can more efficiently manage your time, space, materials, and information.”

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