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Shuttle System Solutions to Keep You Moving Forward

At McMurray Stern, we offer a range of advanced automated shuttle systems that revolutionize storage and retrieval processes in various industries. Our Cuby and Flexi shuttle systems provide efficient and automated solutions for enhanced storage efficiency, while our Lift&Run offers specialized functionalities for specific needs. Let’s take a closer look at each of these innovative solutions.

Shuttle System Storage Solutions

Cuby Shuttle System

The Cuby is a single-level shuttle system that ensures high availability, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. It comprises a rack, a lift, one Cuby shuttle per storage level, a shuttle crane at the back, a maintenance platform, and control and warehouse management software. With its patent-pending use of the support beam as a guide, the Cuby offers intelligent load handling and scalable lift performance, resulting in compact system layouts and excellent space utilization. It is a fast and scalable storage system suitable for a wide range of applications in industries such as fashion, pharmaceuticals, and e-commerce. Moreover, the Cuby shuttle system’s modular kit construction ensures a solid and easily maintainable system.

Flexi Shuttle System

Our Flexi Shuttle system utilizes a modular concept, combining shuttles, lifts, and a racking system to provide flexibility, optimized space utilization, and high technical performance. It is designed for space-optimized storage of various loading units such as cartons, trays, and cubic and conical bins. The Flexi Shuttle’s universal load handling device can adapt to single-, double-, and multiple-deep storage, even in freezing cold storage conditions. With dynamically adjustable storage location sizes and the ability to handle diverse loading units and transport dimensions, the Flexi Shuttle maximizes storage density and system performance. Its scalability allows for expandable system layouts tailored to your specific requirements.

Lift&Run Shuttle System

The Lift&Run shuttle system is a multi-level solution designed for efficient pallet storage in a channel storage system. It features a storage device consisting of a transfer carriage and the SSI Schaefer Orbiter, a flexible load-handling device. The system operates on two rails, eliminating the need for upper guide rails. The Lift&Run maximizes storage capacity and logistic efficiency by utilizing vertical lifts for feed-in and retrieval of pallets. The system offers economic design, energy-efficient drives, and high machine safety, making it an attractive alternative to traditional pallet storage and retrieval systems.

Micro-Fulfillment Shuttle System Solutions

Shuttle Systems are one of our micro-fulfillment solutions designed to meet the demands of modern retail. With enhanced adaptability, economical delivery options, and faster order fulfillment, these solutions are tailored to match your business requirements and customer needs. Micro-fulfillment offers increased scalability and efficiency, allowing you to lower delivery and operational costs while ensuring timely customer satisfaction. With our range of capabilities and scalable solutions, you can optimize your fulfillment processes and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Here’s what makes our micro-fulfillment solutions more effective:

  • Enhanced Adaptability: Meet your customer’s demands in-store and online with our micro-fulfillment solutions.
  • Economically Friendly: Lower your delivery and operational costs significantly by using micro-fulfillment delivery in one area.
  • Faster Delivery: We have the exact micro-fulfillment solutions to match the scope of your business and customer needs quickly.
  • Increased Scalability: Our scalable solutions have the ability to offer your business a range of capabilities.

If you’d like to learn more about our micro-fulfillment solutions, go to: https://mcmurraystern.com/microfulfillment/ 

Discuss Shuttle System Solutions With McMurray Stern

With over 40 years of experience in unique, quality static and automated storage solutions, our team of experts is here to help design a solution for your needs. Shuttle systems are a commonly implemented solution for businesses in various industries, including grocery, retail, cosmetics, and more. If you want to learn more about shuttle systems, please schedule a free consultation with one of our storage solutions experts.

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