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Organized Storage a Recruiting Tool for Top Student-Athletes

When you hear student athletes talk publicly about why they chose to play for a certain college or university, you’re likely to hear them refer to the coaching staff, the university’s academic offerings, and the campus.

But privately, many athletic directors and coaches at higher education institutions also report the athletic facilities and locker rooms play a major role in the recruitment process. When colleges investigate this issue further, they often find that the look, design, and environment matter a great deal to their student athlete recruits.

Storage and organization are critically important to keeping higher education athletic facilities looking pristine. Here are a few ways McMurray Stern has helped colleges and universities, across Southern California, organize their equipment rooms and other athletic facilities to a higher level of functionality. 

Athletic Showcase Gear

Student athletes care about their university uniform, color, and design. For instance, Notre Dame’s gold helmets are easily recognized and coveted by Fighting Irish recruits as are the University of Oregon’s unique, brightly colored green and gold jerseys. 

So it makes sense to put some of these items on display for your recruiting class. The challenge for many universities is how to do this without putting valuable gear at risk for damage or wear. 

Cantilever racks for hanging pads and high-density shelving can simultaneously store and showcase helmets, gear, and other accessories while still keeping it all organized and in good condition.

Design and Layout

As important as practicality is, customized design, color scheme, and graphics can help take locker rooms to the next level, turning an athletic locker into a one of a kind experience. 

McMurray Stern has helped college and professional organizations design their storage systems to bring them closer to the school spirit. This is done not only to boost team morale, but to add incentive in the recruitment process. A strong recruiting system is essential for success at the college level and it has become a trend among the top college teams to use a dazzling, state-of-the art locker room as one of their selling points.

Keep Athletic Equipment Smelling Fresh

Oh yeah, we’re going there. 

Locker rooms can be a smelly place especially if your storage doesn’t allow for proper ventilation. If you’re shoving athletic pads, cleats, shin guards, helmets, and equipment into a single, small locker day in and day out, there’s going to be an issue.  

McMurray Stern offers customizable cubbies and locker configurations to keep gear, uniforms, and equipment separate, organized, and accessible. As with showcasing, the Cantilever racks for hanging pads also offer the benefit of odor buildup prevention by hanging equipment versus storing it in a traditional locker.

Athletic Mobile Storage

Athletic equipment can be challenging to store often coming in odd shapes and all sizes. Static shelves offer you no flexibility. And if you can’t find a smart way to store these items, it can result in a disorganized mess. 

Mobile systems can save up to 50% of your current space while upgrading your storage in all aspects. McMurray Stern mobile storage systems have helped solve storage challenges for the University of Oregon’s softball program, the University of Notre Dame football program, and many others. In fact, six of the last ten BCS National Champions utilize a mobile storage system in their athletic facilities.

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When you hear student athletes talk publicly about why they chose to play for a certain college or university, you’re likely to hear...