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McMurray Stern’s Campus Storage Experts Provide Higher Education Organizations Modern-Day Library Solutions

Higher education organizations constantly strive to update and optimize their library spaces for students and staff. By implementing the latest technology, creating collaboration areas, and utilizing optimized storage solutions, campus libraries can be transformed from a quiet reading space to a hub of student activity. McMurray Stern’s storage solution experts have the experience to provide best-in-class storage solutions for higher education organizations looking to reshape their libraries.

McMurray Stern’s Higher Education Campus Library Storage Solutions

Because a well-designed storage system supports and reinforces a library’s mission, library shelving is often one of the primary considerations as the planning process begins. The right shelving and accessories can boost circulation numbers, protect rare volumes, and even free up floor space for modern amenities.

Campus Cantilever Book Storage

Cantilever shelving’s appealing and modern look, united with its durability, makes for a great compact book storage solution. For academic, corporate, public, and legal library purposes, cantilever shelving offers a comprehensive range of options and accessories to address your library’s needs today and plan for the future. The system accommodates an array of media formats, books, articles, newspapers, and much more.

High-Density Mobile Shelving

Libraries are enduring significant transitions in renovating their space. The need for computer labs, collaboration centers, media workshops, cafés, and more is becoming more prominent. Because there is less space for books, compact book storage is the new key ingredient for library layouts. High-density mobile systems allow you to compact book storage in half the space traditional storage units would occupy.

Off-Campus Library Storage

Sometimes, compact book storage needs to take place outside of the library.

Though a sizeable off-site facility would be ideal, it is not always the case. X-Tend High Bay is designed specifically for smaller square footage facilities but allows you to capitalize on the vertical space. X-Tend High Bay shelving holds and compacts storage in an accessible, protected, and efficient way. The off-site storage can be coupled with mobile carriages to eliminate empty aisles and take up far less space.

Campus Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

Libraries are often challenged to manage large amounts of information quickly and efficiently. An automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) is an excellent solution for campus libraries to streamline their services and provide students with an improved user experience. ASRS picking systems are designed to store items in various containers, making it easier and quicker to access physical materials accurately.

Benefits Of Modern Campus Library Solutions

Libraries are transforming to meet modern requirements, and the libraries at major research institutions are no exception. The library is a central hub for students to gather information, research, and collaborate. A campus library must provide an optimized and unique experience that allows students to grow and learn. That begins with storage optimization.

Organization & Footprint

Running out of space? That doesn’t necessarily mean you need a larger space. Campus library storage solutions work within your current space, providing solutions that increase storage capacity by 2x!

Convenient Access

Help students find what they are looking for quickly and accurately with improved organization and flexibility.

Economical Solution

As your single point of contact, McMurray Stern saves you money and works within your budget to find the storage solution that will be best for your higher education library.

Campus Modernization

We understand how important it is for libraries to remain agile enough to keep up with changing student demands, so whether you’re hosting a study group or getting more books in, you’ll have the space to do so.

Our Higher Education Campus Library Design-Build Process (6 Steps)

McMurray Stern works with our customers to identify and address important considerations unique to each solution. The result is a solution specifically tailored to your needs, from planning to aftercare and maintenance, including space planning resources, floor loading information, tech data resources, ADA information, and LEED certification information. Here is some more information on the steps of our design-build process:

1. Project Analysis

We’ll do requirements research, budget establishment, site visits, and data analysis.

2. Planning & Design

Our storage solutions experts will create concept designs, equipment configuration, and pre-business contracting.

3. System Integration

A detailed design will be drawn out with system interface design, deployment planning, and final business contracting.

4. Deployment

Our team will install equipment in this phase and perform system and project pilot testing.

5. Training

We’ll give you hands-on training for your team if needed.

6. Customer Service

We’ll do site visits, preventative maintenance, spare parts supply, and (if applicable) software support.

Case Study: The USC Creative Arts Library Utilized McMurray Stern Storage Solutions For Optimal Space

The USC Creative Arts Library building contains over 1.5 million volumes within its 81,000-square-foot structure. With the need for new workstations and worktables and the high volume of books coming into the library, they needed a way to centralize storage for staff and students on campus.

McMurray Stern used USC’s existing cantilever shelving on all the new mobile carriages and platforms, thus saving money and protecting the library’s original investment in the shelving. Our team also designed a high-density mobile mechanical assist system, a cost-effective way to store many books in a small space, and a mechanical safety sweep to ensure books were adequately stored and accessible for years to come. As a result, the USC Library is now better able to meet the needs of its patrons and provide an excellent level of service.

McMurray Stern and Manufacturing partner, Spacesaver, understands that every higher education organization has unique needs and goals regarding library storage solutions. That’s why we work with our customers individually; we strive to create custom solutions that meet their budget requirements and design standards. Contact us to get started: https://mcmurraystern.com/contact-us/

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