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McMurray Stern Unveils State-of-the-Art Tech Center Redefining Warehouse Automation

Santa Fe Springs, CA – September 13, 2023 – After years of meticulous planning and collaboration, McMurray Stern proudly announces the grand opening of its cutting-edge Tech Center, a beacon of innovation that stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to redefining warehouse automation. McMurray Stern invites industry stakeholders, partners, and technology enthusiasts to experience the Tech Center firsthand during its grand unveiling on October 13, 2023.

A Vision Years in the Making

The Tech Center’s inception began several years ago when McMurray Stern recognized the need to accelerate its presence in the automated storage and retrieval sector. With a successful history, particularly in its pivotal partnership with Spacesaver, the company identified uncharted opportunities beyond traditional mobile shelving and racking solutions. To bridge this gap, a physical representation of groundbreaking technology was deemed essential to help clients fully comprehend these innovative solutions.

To bring this vision to life, McMurray Stern collaborated with a consortium of pioneering technology partners. This concerted effort, supported by the expertise of McMurray Stern’s engineering team, culminated in the realization of the Tech Center. The project spanned several months with multiple iterations, resulting in an unparalleled facility that exemplifies cutting-edge technology in the Western United States.

Inspiring Hands-On Experiences

The driving force behind the Tech Center’s creation was to offer customers an immersive, hands-on experience, allowing them to gain a profound understanding of technology in the context of warehouse automation. It serves as a dynamic space where visitors can witness solutions firsthand and envision their application within their own operations.

A Compact Powerhouse of Innovation

Spanning 30,000 square feet, the Tech Center combines a conference room, warehouse, and technology showcase spaces. The deliberate inclusion of all technologies sold by McMurray Stern in its own operations underlines the company’s commitment to actively engage with the products it offers. Beyond understanding these products, this approach fosters continuous improvements in the design of electro-mechanical systems and software. The Tech Center has already catalyzed the pursuit of numerous patents for innovative applications developed within its walls.

Elevating the Story Behind the Tech Center

Beyond its state-of-the-art status, the Tech Center boasts a repertoire of working automation solutions featuring articulated and mobile robots. These systems seamlessly demonstrate Automated Storage and Retrieval, Order Fulfillment, Decanting, Sorting, and Shipping, positioning McMurray Stern at the forefront of warehouse automation innovation.

The Tech Center’s mission extends beyond showcasing technology; it embodies a commitment to actively contribute to advancing automation solutions and setting new industry standards. Its impact reverberates not only in inspiring innovation but also in offering unique, tailored solutions to clients. “We are thrilled to open our Tech Center in Santa Fe Springs,” said Pat Fitzpatrick, CRO of McMurray Stern. “This facility represents our commitment to delivering cutting-edge storage solutions that can transform businesses and organizations. We invite everyone to come and explore the future of storage technology with us.”

For inquiries or advanced reservations, please go to https://mcmurraystern.com/techcenter.

The Tech Center marks a new era in warehouse automation, and McMurray Stern is excited to embark on this transformative journey with its valued clients and partners.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Jill Sambol

Marketing Manager

Mcmurray Stern




About McMurray Stern:

McMurray Stern is a pioneering provider of innovative storage and automation solutions committed to optimizing efficiency and productivity for businesses across diverse industries. For decades, McMurray Stern has forged strategic partnerships with industry leaders to deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to clients’ unique needs.

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