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McMurray Stern Mobile Storage Solutions for Cannabis Growers Featured in New York Post

In an April article, the New York Post addressed real estate industry hurdles related to New York State’s new legal cannabis business.

McMurray Stern was featured as a leader and innovator in identifying storage solutions for  cannabis growers trying to expand and develop in the region. Our mobile storage solutions have allowed cannabis businesses to double their grow capacity in their existing space, whereas traditional shelving options waste a large portion of floorspace.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing at McMurray Stern, Pat Fitzpatrick shares future market insights on the matter, “As the cannabis market grows to become more decriminalized and regulated by the government, the recreational cannabis market is grappling with the challenges of managing retail stores and the logistics of getting the product to the market.”

Fitzpatrick explains that some of the key areas of struggle from the retail perspective is the space and security of the product. “Like many retailers in the condensed areas, space becomes a huge issue in the storage of the product. Many of the retailers are looking to suppliers like McMurray Stern to help with the storage and retrieval of their product. Since most of the retail space is very limited, these retailers are looking to high density storage.”

Whether it is a manual mobile shelving system or an Automated Storage and Retrieval System, such as a Vertical Lift Module, retailers must consider how they can fulfill customer orders in the back of store. Micro-Fulfillment has become an increasingly popular solution for retailers to transform the back of their store into a small or micro-fulfillment center that will help use their vertical and horizontal space. 

“Growers are also faced with a dilemma of automating a process that requires higher utilization of warehouse space outside of the urban areas and smaller automated storage and retrieval systems within the urban areas to get the product to their customers in an efficient and secure manner. Automation will play a much higher role in this cottage business that demand is pushing into a larger industry,” explains Fitzatrick.

Most grow facilities are limited by a horizontal design. McMurray Stern can integrate mobile and vertical grow system that allows for proper irrigation and lighting while also saving space and energy.

You can download our Grow Vertical case study here to learn more.

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In an April article, the New York Post addressed real estate industry hurdles related to New York State’s new legal cannabis business.