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McMurray Stern Adds HAIPICK Robots to Automated Picking Solutions

McMurray Stern is excited to announce our new partnership with HAI ROBOTICS, a leader in innovative technologies that include the HAIPICK Robots. 

HAIPICK Robots offer intelligent picking and handling, autonomous navigation, active obstacle avoidance, and autonomous charging. Characterized by its high stability and high precision, the robot can replace the repetitive, time-consuming, and heavy manual storage and handling work, realizing efficient and intelligent “goods to person” picking and significantly improving the warehouse’s storage density and operational efficiency.

HAIPICK Robots Key Benefits

  • Flexible customization 
  • Well-suited for variety of industries from electronics to apparel 
  • Increase storage density and efficiency
  • Increase in operational efficiency
  • Rapid ROI

HAIPICK Robots Key Features 

  • Autonomous picking, handling, navigation & charging
  • Ultra-wide picking range
  • Fast & stable
  • Multi-case handling (each robot can store up to 8 cases simultaneously)
  • Wireless communication
  • Multiple safety protection (obstacle detection & avoidance, anti-collision alarm, emergency stop)
  • Mixed picking (compatible with cartons/totes, multi-size cases)

An Excellent Automated & Micro-Fulfillment Solution

McMurray Stern is proud to be a leader in automated and micro-fulfillment solutions. The growing demand for last-mile delivery continues to put pressure on organizations of all sizes. This is one of many reasons why McMurray Stern is thrilled to add HAIPICK Robots to our ever-expanding list of automated solutions and micro-fulfillment options.

Robotics have presented businesses with a more user-friendly interface, automated processes, and an ability to push the limits on speed and accuracy. Many companies have discovered robots to be the missing puzzle piece in their supply chain and are now adding robotic processes to their long-term growth strategy. 

Our McMurray Stern consultants are experts at uncovering the right solution for your current and long-term growth plans. We can help you identify areas where automated and robotic systems can keep your business ahead of the competition. Many solutions are intentionally designed to be easily integrated into your current operational workflow. 

We can help you strategically streamline, automated robotics processes in your warehouse. To learn more about how to implement robots into your operations and grow your warehouse with current space limitations, contact us!

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McMurray Stern is excited to announce our new partnership with HAI ROBOTICS, a leader in innovative technologies that include the...