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Get a Cold Storage Consultant to Assess Your Efficiency

Companies that manufacture pharmaceuticals, chemicals, composites, food and beverages are challenged with cost and operational efficiencies in their temperature controlled areas. The challenge is to increase storage within a space that needs to meet very specific temperature requirements, while also providing ease of access.

McMurray Stern is the expert consultant for improving efficiencies in your space. ActivRAC is an innovative storage system that transforms your existing storage into a compact solution to recover wasted cooler space. One moving aisle replaces multiple aisles required by static racking, creating up to 50% more storage while still providing up to 100 percent access whenever needed.

The ActivRAC system is designed to withstand cold temperatures, moisture build up, and harsh cleaning supplies, while still providing the safest, most reliable, durable, and easiest user operation available today.

By storing frozen items on the ActivRAC Mobilized Storage System, you can help eliminate every foot of wasted space in your cold storage facility. More items in the cooler make for a more efficient cooler overall.

Constructing or renting new cold storage spaces isn’t your only option. A cost-effective alternative is rethinking your cold storage shelving and maximizing that pricey square footage in a whole new way.

ActivRAC is designed to work with existing pallet racking and industrial shelving so you can free-up space and maximize storage within the same storage footprint. The system has been designed to accommodate everything from 4-post shelving and drawer systems to cantilever shelving and even light to medium–duty pallet racking.

This will reduce the need for plant expansions, or renting or buying additional facilities. The system is easy to install and can be placed on existing, unleveled concrete.Can a Cold Storage Consultant help me ? Read this info sheet to learn more about our cooler and freezer storage system can reduce your energy costs and save you space. 

A Cold Storage Consultant Can Help You Save Money, Time and Energy

The storage system features carriage and rail systems where the shelving or racking moves side to side and eliminates static aisles. That means you’re able to use every available inch of your premium freezer and cooler space to store products and goods without having to build or lease a new warehouse. These systems are tailored for walk-in coolers, cold rooms, refrigeration systems and refrigerated warehouses. The ActivRAC system offers these benefits:

Reduced energy costs: Lower costs per pallet and energy costs with heavy-duty mobile pallet racking that creates a more densely packed cooler.

Save space: Create an easier way to handle mixed-product pallets and smaller batches. Mobile racking provides optimum visibility to items.

Improve labor productivity: Eliminate long travel times and unnecessary touches with a system that provides 100% accessibility to products even with a compacted space.

Improve control and compliance: Mobile storage results in better inventory control and regulatory compliance by improving the selectivity.

The ActivRAC mobile system can quickly increase your bottom line by reclaiming valuable floor space and making room for revenue generating activities. We offer the industry’s leading applications expertise. Our storage solution experts can design and implement a system for specialized applications. Isn’t it time for your company to grow and maximize capabilities?

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Companies that manufacture pharmaceuticals, chemicals, composites, food and beverages are challenged with cost and operational...