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Elucid Magazine: How Fashion Companies Can Use McMurray Stern’s Micro-Fulfillment Solutions to Improve Their Business

A version of this article was published in Elucid Magazine featuring McMurray Stern.

“McMurray Stern is the leader of automated storage solutions across all industries and projects. No matter what storage systems you need, from retrieval systems to museum storage cabinets, the company ensures that you have the most advanced technology and equipment to maximize your space and grow your business.

McMurray Stern serves a wide range of industries from retail, manufacturing, to grocery. Specifically, Fashion companies will benefit from McMurray Stern automated solutions which will increase efficiency, time, and customer satisfaction for their business. With changing consumer priorities and trends, the global fashion industry is constantly adapting to new shifts. From automated storage and retrieval systems to manual and modular solutions, retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers will be able to meet consumer’s demands quickly and efficiently.”

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