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Cold Storage Space Solutions by McMurray Stern

Productivity demands in the cold storage industry have risen significantly. The U.S. cold storage industry reached 15.84 billion in 2019 and is expected to continue growing to reach 19.69 billion by 2025. 

Additionally, the pandemic specifically pushed customers to turn towards digital shopping options that provide convenience and safety as they shop for groceries to prepare meals at home. This change in consumer shopping habits has forced many businesses to adopt temperature-controlled solutions that will help increase speed and add value by automating processes to meet the demands.

A common misconception in cold storage warehouses is that the increasing demand for cold storage logistics facilities requires a lot of space. In reality, there are solutions and storage products that can help optimize the space you already have by increasing automation, efficiency, and flexibility in your warehouse.

Benefits of Automating Cold Storage

If you’ve been wondering whether or not automating your cold storage warehouse is a good idea, take a look at some of the challenges your business is currently facing. If you’re experiencing errors or difficulties in traceability and reliability processes, more deliveries with smaller and more frequent customer orders, pricing and delivery time pressures, or ergonomic workstations, automating your warehouse might be a great solution.

Here are some benefits of automating your cold storage systems that can make your warehouse more flexible and easily-adaptive to future industry challenges:

  • Save cold storage space
  • Increase warehouse capacity
  • Optimize all warehouse processes
  • Expansion of equipment and controls
  • Reduce labor dependence
  • Improve cold storage warehouse productivity
  • Software and hardware upgrades
Productivity demands in the cold storage industry

Cold Storage Solutions

The increased production of frozen and cold goods in the grocery market has led to the need for cold storage holding areas, facilities, and options for online grocery orders. Have no fear, our freezer and cold storage solutions will provide the space for expansion of products and warehouse growth.

Shuttle Systems

McMurray Stern offers an array of shuttle systems for cold storage. Whether you’re wanting a single-level or multi-level shuttle system, it can be the perfect solution for creating a modern warehouse that meets your customer’s needs and demands. Our shuttle systems are high-performance for maximum storage density, dynamically handling cold storage with high-speed and accuracy.

Pallet Conveying Systems

Automated grocery distribution and cold storage solutions offer simplicity, inventory control, and same-day delivery options without impacting store inventory. Automating the palletizing, case, and piece picking processes will provide high-performance solutions that meet customer needs every time. Because of the modular design, energy efficiency, and material flow, pallet conveying systems make an excellent foundational option to make processes more efficient. 

Storage Retrieval Machines

Our goal is to maximize cold storage warehouse efficiency to better enhance material flow as well as better flexibility. Optimizing this space with storage-retrieval machines like vertical lift modules (VLMs) can help reduce wait times and save costs while increasing performance with the modernization of warehouse technologies.


McMurray Stern offers cold storage companies a broad portfolio of electric and overhead conveyor systems along with pallet conveying systems. These technological solutions help equip your company to face future challenges as the cold storage industry continues to develop and change.


Our Lift&Run solutions provide highly dynamic pallet handling for channel storage systems. The Lift&Run systems are an economical solution that requires a small amount of space and are a great alternative to conventional storage-retrieval systems.

Customized Cold Storage Solutions

At McMurray Stern, we’re always up for the challenge to find a customized solution that will work for your company and your processes. Our cold storage solutions should fit and integrate seamlessly into your existing warehouse systems. We are always expanding new products and product variants to help with both small and large lots.

Why Choose McMurray Stern for Your Cold Storage Automation Needs?

McMurray Stern works with clients to ensure that everything flows smoothly from start to finish. We strive to provide automated storage and retrieval solutions for today and tomorrow because future-proof logistics solutions must fit into your existing operational processes and have the ability to adapt flexibly to new conditions.

We represent a wide variety of the best manufacturers in the automation industry, including SSI Schaefer, to help provide you with security, efficiency, quality, reliability, and expertise in your warehouse systems.

As a globally active general contractor, we implement complete logistics from comprehensive system planning and consulting to IPMA certified project management and maintenance. Our installation and construction department is in-house, which helps guide clients through the entire project lifecycle, guaranteeing the right solution for whatever your needs may be.

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Productivity demands in the cold storage industry have risen significantly. The U.S. cold storage industry reached 15.84 billion in...