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Automation: An Ergonomic Solution For the Modern Warehouse

Automation is playing an increasingly important role in the modern warehouse. Automated solutions can help improve efficiency and productivity while reducing worker fatigue and injuries. In this blog post, we’ll explore how automation can be used to create an ergonomic warehouse environment that’s both efficient and safe. 

Benefits of Automation For the Modern Warehouse

Automation has long been heralded as a way to streamline operations, reduce costs, and maximize productivity in the modern warehouse. But it can also be used to improve the safety of the warehouse environment. Automated systems can help reduce worker fatigue by offloading manual labor-intensive tasks such as lifting and carrying heavy items. This helps keep workers healthy and prevents potential injuries caused by overexertion or repetitive motion. This is especially important for larger warehouses that may have multiple employees working on different tasks at once, as it allows for better oversight of all activities taking place within the facility.

Ergonomic Features Are Important For Modern Warehouse Design

As businesses become more aware of the importance of ergonomics in workplace design, they are increasingly turning toward automation as a way to create safer, more efficient working environments. In addition to reducing worker fatigue and preventing injury due to overexertion or repetitive motion, automation solutions can also help improve throughput rates by increasing speed and accuracy while reducing human error associated with manual processes.

Ergonomic considerations should include proper storage solutions, furniture selection, and tools designed specifically for efficient operation without causing unnecessary strain on workers’ bodies.

Choosing The Right Ergonomic Automated Solution For Your Warehouse

Increase performance through automated processes and greater ergonomics.

Several types of automated storage and retrieval systems are commonly used in warehouses, including vertical lift modules (VLMs), automated guided vehicles (AGVs), carousels, robotics, and more. Whether you’re transporting pallets or other large items around the warehouse floor or programming a robot to perform specific tasks with precision and accuracy, automated storage and retrieval systems allow for faster retrieval of items in a safe, ergonomic manner.

Let’s explore top automated storage and retrieval systems more in-depth:

VLMs: an ideal storage solution for industrial products, components, and spare parts for all possible environments and industries. Many companies have chosen our lifts to help organize and improve their workflow thanks to their flexibility, wide range of models available, superior design, and ease of use.

Shuttles: whether you need a shuttle system for one or more levels utilizing pallets, trays, cartons, or bins – McMurray Stern offers automated shuttle system solutions. A shuttle system is an innovative and economical solution if you need optimized storage with rapid material transport and short access times.

Lift & Run: an ergonomic and energy-efficient solution, the Lift & Run is a highly dynamic and economical solution for pallet handling in the manufacturing and distribution market. Our Lift & Run solutions are designed for all warehouses, even those with little space seeking ways to increase material workflow while optimizing any available space.

AGVs: a great option for companies to automate material flow with increased safety and accuracy. McMurray Stern offers AGVs as an automated solution that will fit into your existing warehouse and improve your production efficiency.

Carousels: carousel systems enable highly efficient storage and picking processes in the smallest possible space. Carousels are an outstanding solution for handling small parts and medium to slow-moving products, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics components, media, and food items.

Robotics: McMurray Stern’s FANUC and HAIPICK robots offer intelligent picking and handling, autonomous navigation, active obstacle avoidance, and autonomous charging.

View more of our automated systems: https://mcmurraystern.com/automated-storage-retrieval/ 

The Bottom Line

Overall, ergonomics and automation both play an important role in modern warehouse design. Automation helps reduce labor costs while increasing operational speed and accuracy; meanwhile, ergonomic considerations ensure that all workers remain safe on the job site by eliminating potential sources of injury due to overexertion or poorly designed equipment. Companies must take into account both aspects if they want their warehouses to run smoothly and safely at optimal levels of performance. Contact McMurray Stern to get started crafting an ergonomic solution for your modern warehouse: https://mcmurraystern.com/contact-us/

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