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Techies Guardian: Robots Set to Play a Pivotal Role in the Future of Storage

A version of this article was published on Techies Guardian, featuring McMurray Stern.

“Robots Set to Play a Pivotal Role in the Future of Storage – As our world advances, the implementation of robotic assistance in our daily lives is inevitable. Almost all aspects of our life incorporate some type of robotic element. While our minds tend to only associate robots with advanced tech companies based out of Silicon Valley, this perception is mistaken. There are not only robots incorporated into big tech companies. They have also established their place in industries such as storage.

As robots have continued to increase their prevalence in our worlds, their prevalence in storage is no exception. McMurray Stern, a storage company known for their innovative practices to maximize efficiency and cost, has already implemented the use of robots in their storage processes.

McMurray Stern has continued to reiterate their commitment to quality, customer service, and swift practices that ensure a faster and more effective delivery. Kenny DeAngelis, CEO of McMurray Stern, has been a major force in this change, one that emphasizes the use of advanced robotic technology.

At the time DeAngelis purchased the company, he recalls, “it had great people (employees been here for 30 plus years), great products, great infrastructure, but it needed a new life and new direction and energy.” However, DeAngelis still recognized that the company could be improved. That’s where the intense increase of robotic assistance in their practices came into play.

DeAngelis notes the differences that have emerged in their production practices since he took leadership: “We’re now heavily embedded into warehouse automation and can design & install fully warehouse automation and robotic systems.” Since DeAngelis has been the CEO, the company’s revenue has increased by almost $30 million a year. Clearly, these technological additions have been effective.”

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